How preventative drain maintenance can save you money

Proactive maintenance and cleaning are key steps to take to ensuring you avoid major problems in the future. Especially when it comes to your plumbing system. It may seem unnecessary to get an annual cleaning and maintenance check on your plumbing when no problems arise. Nevertheless, regular maintenance is a small step that will ensure the problems continue to stay away.

Resilient Plumbing & Heating in Vancouver share some of the reasons you should get regular drain maintenance, and how it will save you money.

What is preventative drain maintenance? 

Preventative drain maintenance doesn’t just mean calling a professional to fix a current clog or leak. A preventative service can also mean getting your pipes and drains regularly checked and cleaned. Age, grease or damage over time to the pipes themselves, are potential factors that affect the function of your plumbing. A professional inspection will take a look inside your pipes and help prevent future problems by spotting any issues early. A professional cleaning during this maintenance, will also clear the pipes of any residual grease or grime and keep your pipes working like new.

What can you do? 

Preventing a drain clog can also be handled at home, simply by taking care of your pipes. Keeping drains and pipes clean and clear of clogs is something that homeowners can do on a regular basis. Regular use of pipes helps keep the system in use, while basic cleaning helps prevent or remove mineral buildup. As well, taking care not to pour grease down the drains and putting filters over shower drains to catch hair, will keep your pipes clear.

If you do notice any problems like running toilets, dripping faucets or notice your water pressure has dropped, don’t ignore the issue. See if a DIY can fix the problem, but if it recurs call the professionals. Even a small problem can quickly become worse, and active upkeep is another preventative measure. Read more on telltale signs of drainage problems to help avoid serious, future problems.

How often should you get preventative drain maintenance?

Typically, if you are proactively keeping your pipes clear and clean, getting a drain maintenance can be done annually. Grease, fat and hair are the primary culprits that cause drain blocks, so taking care to keep these out of your drains will help them stay clear. That being said, if you notice any problems before a routine check, it’s still better to a call a professional in right away. It may be something minor, but it is better to know now than later when it becomes a big problem.

Plumbers in Vancouver

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