How RenoVision Consulting helps homeowners renovate with confidence   


There are many choices to make when renovating, making doing it alone feel overwhelming. Still, working with the wrong contractor can be just as overwhelming and harmful to your project. Working with a trusted company and understanding the process is key to success.  

RenoVision Consulting Inc. is a professional renovations consulting company that helps homeowners renovate with confidence! They provide a better way to renovate by helping homeowners manage their own renovation. 

Empowering homeowners 

Too often, homeowners work with trade workers that don’t stay accountable for the project. So instead of quality work and services seen through to the end, homeowners get ripped off or taken advantage of. In some cases, they pay more to get their contractor to return and finish the job. RenoVision Consulting helps homeowners avoid that trouble by educating and guiding them to trusted professionals. 

By working with these reliable professionals, homeowners get quality assurance and absolute peace of mind. By having someone to guide them through the process, they will have a better understanding of reasonable timelines and what to expect during the renovation. In addition, having a knowledgeable and experienced team working on your project will reduce a lot of stress.

The better way to renovate 

While RenoVision Consulting is involved in every step of a project, they do not manage the work. Instead, once armed with the knowledge and know-how on planning, design, and hiring contractors, they guide homeowners through the management process. They help homeowners make educated decisions about who to hire, where to purchase quality products, and what to expect through the process. That way, homeowners make their own decisions about their own renovations right from the start.

RenoVision Consulting will help schedule trade professionals, prepare material lists, provide consultation and help with budget planning. Their team provides all the help you need while educating you to handle future projects better. That tailored renovation experience creates a better way to renovate with maximum value every time. 

Save more

Avoiding a lousy contractor hire from the start will certainly save money, but RenoVision Consulting provides more ways to save. First, you know exactly where the money goes by choosing your own materials and hiring sub-trades directly. When companies manage the project, a large portion of the cost pays contractor management fees and other unknown expenses. With a homeowner acting as their own managers, there’s no guesswork when tracking costs and sticking to budgets. In addition, RenoVision Consulting provides various programs with different tailored levels of help to suit where you are at in your renovation experience. 

When homeowners manage their own project, the value truly goes into the home because they have full control over the materials selected and have industry professionals of each trade coming in to do the work.

RenoVision Consulting Inc. in Alberta

At RenoVision Consulting Inc., they advocate for the homeowner to have the best experience possible throughout their renovation. Their goal is to help homeowners renovate with confidence, no matter how big or small a project. Every renovation will be a valuable success with their help and your newfound knowledge.

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