How shopping a local paint store makes a big difference

You want to repaint your home. Whether it’s the kitchen, your bedroom or the entire house, you’re ready to embark on this DIY project. First things first, you need to pick your colours and then pick out your paint.

It seems like a simple task, but it might be easier said than done. If you’re envisioning yourself standing before an enormous shelf of paint products at a big box store with little help, there is another option. Consider visiting one of Benjamin Moore’s three Edmonton area locations. Here’s how a smaller, locally owned Edmonton paint store can help:

Vast product knowledge

When it comes to paint, your friends at Benjamin Moore know their stuff. They’ve been in the business for a long time and can help you find the best paint product for your project. That includes the type of paint, colour, and finish. Choosing the right product for your specific project will ensure lasting results and less stress! They’ll also do the calculations, so you purchase enough paint for your project. Then you don’t have to keep coming back to the store for more, or so you don’t buy more than you need.

Personal service

When you visit Benjamin Moore, you won’t be standing alone staring at a wall of paint products. A friendly professional will be there to help you right away. It’s a personal service that keeps customers returning to their paint stores in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. Once you’ve made your contact at your local store, you’ll always have a professional to turn to for help. Whether it’s for the next renovation, move, or refinishing project, the team at Benjamin Moore will be there to help.

Network of home improvement professionals

Because they’ve been in the business for a long time, Benjamin Moore can help you with more than just paint. They can connect you with interior designers, painting contractors, and other home improvement professionals that can assist with your project. They can also provide advice on DIY painting, refinishing, and other home projects related to their products and services.

Support local businesses

There has been a heightened emphasis on supporting local businesses, and for good reasons. Shopping locally boosts the economy, provides jobs, and builds a healthy community. The Benjamin Moore locations in Edmonton and Sherwood Park are locally owned and operated. Their professionals are members of your community and can provide insight on the best products for your neighbourhood because they live in it too. Plus, when you choose to shop local for paint and supplies in Edmonton, you’re supporting local businesses and the local economy.

Check out their profile to view Benjamin Moore Pinnacle South, Benjamin Moore Pinnacle North, and Benjamin Moore Sherwood Park locations.


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