How the right contractors make managing a home renovation easier

A DIY home renovation can save money and teach you something new, but it’s best to hire professional contractors for some large-scale projects. If you’re feeling confident, you can manage your project and contractors yourself, but it’s going to take organization, coordination, and communication. And you’ll need to hire the right contractors.

Kantra Electric Inc. are electricians in Calgary that offer electrical services for residential renovations. They share some tips on how to find good contractors and coordinating your home renovation.

Do your research and check references

Before hiring any contractor to work in your home, do careful research. Contractors should be licensed, insured, and carry WCB coverage. They should provide customer references, detailed estimates in writing and have a proven reputation in the industry. Hiring and managing trades for a multi-faceted project will be a challenge. If you’re working as your own general contractor, having credible, experienced, and quality contractors on your team will make things go a lot smoother.

You also want to ensure that the contractors are certified in their field. For example, a certified plumber or electrician will need to handle any plumbing or electrical installations and retrofits. Often, the building code and homeowner’s insurance policies require it.

If you find one you trust, ask for referrals

If you’ve hired a contractor in the past or for the current project, and they are trustworthy, see if you can access their network of connections. For example, when Kantra Electric works on a home renovation, we work with other trades on the same project. Plumbers, flooring installers, cabinet companies, painters, drywall contractors, and many other contractors are part of their trusted network. Accessing this network is a great place to find contractors. Plus, the companies will already have experience working on projects together, which can make your job easier.

Stay organized and communicate regularly

Depending on the size of the project, you might need to coordinate multiple contractors. Create a document that tracks when each company will come in to do their work and communicate that schedule with the contractors working in your home.

For example, if you develop an unfinished basement, it will be most efficient to have Calgary electricians come in before the drywall goes up. That way, they’ll have access to inside the walls and ceiling for running wire, installing receptacles, and so on. Then, further along, your electrical contractor can come in to install things like light fixtures, fans, and other electrical components.

Ask questions

It’s okay to ask your contractors questions throughout the project. If it helps, you can set up regular check-ins to keep communication open. Managing a renovation can be a steep learning curve, but having the right contractors on your team can help you through the process.

Remember, if you’re looking for the best electricians in Calgary, trust the professionals at Kantra Electric.

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