How this Edmonton business is making shady contractors a thing of the past

Original post from How this Edmonton business is making shady contractors a thing of the past

Anyone who’s ever renovated their home will likely tell you it can be stressful.

Home reno horror stories have become commonplace and, often, can be attributed to contractor-related issues. According to a survey by Angus Reid, 33% of homeowners have reported finding the right contractor as a major renovation-related stressor.

While there are tons of credible and talented contractors out there, it’s finding them that often appears to be the issue. For those looking to undertake a home project, this can lead to an endless cycle of sifting through websites and reviews.

RenovationFind, a local startup run by a husband-wife duo, connects everyday homeowners to a free online directory of reputable contractors, trades, and renovation companies that have aced their stringent screening and certification process.

Having witnessed those around them hire contractors based on false reviews online or family friends that were unqualified, they recognized a gap that needed to be filled.

In the interest of renewing confidence among homeowners, the Edmonton-based power couple — Keith and Vivian Riley — decided to launch a platform that would benefit renovators and contractors alike.

Homeowners can feel good knowing contractors in their directory have been vetted and are continually monitored based on seven criteria: background checks, credit checks, Better Business Bureau (BBB) Rating, business license, business insurance, and Workers Compensation Board (WCB) Coverage, whereas good contractors are given the opportunity to stand out in a crowded market that has been given a bad reputation.

Since launching, the local startup has begun scaling across the country, providing consumers with a directory of trustworthy and quality companies to help undertake their home renovations with confidence.

The platform is research-based — as opposed to review-based — which is a mandate that really sets the business apart, with the latter being much easier to fake.

As part of an exciting plan for expansion, the fast-growing tech startup is offering everyday Canadians a chance to become co-owners by investing in the company through FrontFundr.

FrontFundr, Canada’s leading online private markets investing platform, gives investors access to private companies they believe in and want to support. The company’s game-changing technology allows users to invest in innovative businesses at financial entry points that are accessible.


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RenovationFind has hit a meaningful milestone, bringing in $1.5 million of annual recurring revenue (ARR) — but for them, it’s just the beginning.

With a vision to make the service available across Canada’s major markets, the Rileys have opened up the business for ownership to private investors with a goal of reaching $5,000,000. Funds raised will provide them with the resources needed to expand their team and further develop the online directory.

The opportunity is a win-win for everyday homeowners who want to see both an industry overhaul that will make renovations painless, as well as make a promising investment that can help that reality come to fruition.

Everyday people can help a local startup get a leg up, fund the future of the renovation industry, and secure a potential return for themselves. For a limited time, you can become a co-owner by joining the company’s FrontFundr campaign.

Whether you’re looking to make a sound investment or are undertaking a renovation project this year, you can head to to learn more.




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