How to add new value into your deck

It’s no secret that adding a deck to your backyard will add significant value to your home and lifestyle. You can use it for spending time with family, grilling, entertaining, and relaxing. Work with reliable general contractors in Ottawa like NRD Construction for expert advice, quality products, and solid workmanship. 

Here are some ways you can add value to your new deck:  

Add a cover

If you have an open deck, it’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, but only when the weather is agreeable. If the sun is too hot on some days or there’s rain or wind, it’s not quite as ideal. That’s where a deck cover is such a valuable addition both financially and functionally. The cover allows you to enjoy your deck by offering shade during hot days or cover from light rain. A cover can also be decorated with stylish curtains or growing plants for a natural look. Designing decks in Ottawa to function in all weather allows homeowners to use their outdoor living space more and into the shoulder seasons.

Add some privacy

Whether you have low fences, a street-facing backyard, or just want a quiet space, having some privacy is valuable. A privacy wall can add just that by closing off a part of your deck from any outside views. It can also be customized to be more than just a wall. For example, a trellis will let in some light and a breeze. Your privacy wall can include vines, planters, wall decor, and outdoor lights. There are plenty of ways to customize the look, so it can complement both your deck and home. For inspiration, look at these ideas for deck privacy.

Railings add safety and style

A railing adds safety and security if you have an elevated deck or small children at home. In addition, the building code requires a railing if your deck is more than 24 inches off the ground. There are plenty of ways to add style to your deck railing. Glass railings are stylish, let in light, and the views. They can also make the deck look more spacious. The look will naturally draw attention to the deck, making it a great focal point during resale. Wood or vinyl railings can also add visual appeal by matching your deck or with a feature colour. Like a front door, adding a pop of colour to your rails can be a fun focal point for your outdoor space.

Work with a professional

Once you have your plans in place and a clear goal for your deck, make sure to work with a professional. Deck builders in Ottawa will ensure any deck additions or renovations are done with quality, skill and will last. Their work will also come with warranties and guarantees that your investment will be sound for years. If you’re planning on selling your home in the future, NRD Construction can give advice on a deck addition that will appeal to buyers down the road.

Start designing your deck addition with NRD Construction! 


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