How to add your style to home renovations

Many homeowners or contractors talk about renovations in future terms. But most of the time, home renovations are for you, the current homeowner. However, for resale value, major home renovations are a great idea. But when you decide to renovate for yourself, the renovation plans and approach will be slightly different. And it will be a lot more fun!

Ascend Builders in Edmonton are made up of skilled contractors and designers. The Ascend team can renovate any room according to almost any goal. And they offer several services and ideas to help you renovate according to your style.

Custom or bespoke renovations

Major renovations are the perfect time to get creative with custom ideas. Ascend Builders aim to transform your home into whatever you dream up. They will add your personality to the house by tailoring spaces. They can tailor according to your needs, pet needs, kid needs, and more. Some of these custom ideas include cabinetry, basement floorplans, or adding and removing rooms.

Colour choices

You don’t need to rely on paint alone to add colour to your home. Consider other surfaces, too! These include tiles, flooring, fixtures, and cabinets. On the other hand, you could have a cleaner style with less colour. Ascend Builders will help you find the best products and materials to let that style shine, colourful or not!

Major appliances and fixtures

Major home renovations will involve extensive replacements. These include sinks or appliances during a major kitchen renovation. Or these large replacements will consist of the bathtub or shower, toilet, and sink. So consider them when considering your renovation style or decor interests. For example, the decision between a shower or tub significantly impacts how you enjoy your bathroom. Ascend Builders specializes in all major home renovations and will guide you as you consider these pieces.

Major Renovations in Edmonton

Ascend Builders can turn home renovation dreams into reality. They help homeowners throw personality into all parts of a house. With a skilled team of contractors and designers, Ascend Builders are ready for any renovation job. They are experienced with finer details, small jobs, and complete home transformations.

Ascend Builders’ core services include bathroom, kitchen, and basement renovations. Plus, they’ll work with you on every step of the renovation, including the initial design phase.  You can inform them of any needs, a preferred colour scheme, or major fixture choices. Ascend Builders is committed to customer satisfaction every step of the way.

Contact Ascend Builders today for all your major renovation needs!

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