How to avoid drywall issues and damage

Drywall is a popular material thanks to its durability, ease of installation and customizability in designs. Still, it can also become easily damaged or have problems creep up without the right care. While these are avoidable, it’s important to know the “why” first.

TDC Drywall in Vancouver is a professional drywall contractor. They share some ways to avoid damaging your drywall:

Leave the installation to a professional

Depending on your skill and experience, drywall installation can be DIY, but not in all cases. DIY drywall is where future problems can easily creep up, like nails popping loose or cracks appearing in the wall. That’s why it’s always best to leave the installations to the professionals who can guarantee quality and long-lasting results. A drywall contractor can also help if you want more custom drywall designs or if drywalling is part of a larger renovation with a strict timeline. They’ll work quickly but efficiently and you’ll rest easy knowing your drywall installation will last.

Don’t lean furniture against the walls

Having furniture too close or right against the wall is a quick recipe for causing damage and costly problems. Furniture can bang into the wall when used and risk causing dents or even small holes. If you move furniture, there’s the risk of creating scuffs and scratches against the wall that will need repair. While minor drywall repairs are another DIY fix, it’s easier to avoid the problem by leaving some space between the wall and your sofa or bookshelves.

Avoid DIY tile removal

Tile walls or backsplash are attractive, but sometimes you want a new look or colour, so the old tiles need to go. In those cases, it’s safer to leave the removal process to a professional. Tile removal isn’t dangerous, but doing it wrong can risk dragging the drywall off along with the old tiles. Instead of simple tile removal and replacement, the drywall will then also need to be repaired and replaced. A drywall contractor can help with removing any surfaces from drywall without causing any excess damage. If some small unavoidable damage or scuffs do happen, your contractor can just as quickly repair the spots.

Drywall Contractors in Vancouver

TDC Drywall has decades of experience when it comes to drywall installation, removal, and repairs. They also stay up to date with the latest materials and drywalling techniques to ensure quality results every time. No matter the type of drywall project, their professionals are the ones to call for peace of mind and long-lasting finishes.

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