How to Buy a Garage Door


There is a new generation of garage doors and they are made very differently than they were 15 or 20 years ago.  New garage doors are stronger, more secure and better insulated.  They come in a variety of materials, colours, styles and unique options for windows and accessories.  Replacing your old garage door will increase the value of your home, boost curb appeal, enhance security and could even improve your home’s efficiency so you save money on energy.

There are a lot of options out there and selecting one that is right for you and your home’s style can seem like a challenge.  Here are some tips from Creative Door in Calgary that will help you narrow it down to a few great options that will suit your needs.

Ask yourself the following questions:

– What size is your garage door? Single or double?
– Do you need more than one garage door?
– Are you replacing an old garage door or is this for new contruction?
– Is your garage attached or detached from your home?
– Is your garage heated?

After answering these questions, the experts at Creative Door will show you which doors match your specific criteria.  Once you know what kind of door you can use, the materials it will be made of and other requirements you might need to know, you can start choosing colour and style.

CarriageHouse-9700-Providence-HIGH You can visit the showroom to see samples and speak to their staff, or you can start this process online by visiting their Residential Showroom on the Creative Door website.  Here you can fill out a few simple fields to narrow your search to the top doors that match that criteria.  You can even select your preferred panel, colour, window and hardware options to see what is available.  If you’d like more information, they will email you details of your selections and a customer service representative will contact you for more details on what you need.

Now that you have two or three garage doors that will suit your needs, it’s time to see which fit best into your budget.  After you’ve made the final selection and have found the perfect door, Creative Door will take care of the installation.

They’re committed to long-term customer service and will be there to help you with maintenance and repairs long after your initial purchase.  This dedication to customers, along with other specific criteria, is why Creative Door has achieved accreditation and is listed as one of Calgary’s best garage door companies on

Whatever door you choose, they have the selection and expertise to make the process simple, and well, creative!  Get started today!

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