How to care for and maintain your asphalt roof  

Asphalt roofs can easily last upwards of 20 years, given the right care and maintenance. If not, premature wear and unnoticed damage can lead to them failing early. Besides professional help, knowing what DIY care to do will keep your roof in top condition.

Leon’s Roofing and Renovation in Edmonton is a professional roofing company. They share some tips when it comes to maintaining your asphalt roof:

Repair minor damage now 

If you notice signs of damage or algae growing on the roof, don’t wait to repair the problem. That not only risks the issue worsening, but it increases future repair costs. Loose shingles, broken sealants, or just dirty shingles must be repaired quickly by a professional like Leon’s Roofing. Always leave the work to a professional when it comes to roofing. Not only can it be dangerous without experience, but a professional guarantees longer-lasting quality. It’ll also help prevent any damage to the roof, which can happen when DIYing.  

Keep the gutters clear

Gutters and roofs go hand-in-hand and should always be taken care of together. Gutters that become clogged or damaged can’t redirect water safely away from the roof. If that happens, water can get underneath the roof shingles and damage the roof and interior of your home. They can also overflow and cause pooling around the foundation. Eventually, the pooling can lead to moisture in the basement. To prevent this, take the time to clear any debris or clogs from the gutters. Then, check that the gutters are still secure and sound. If not, have a professional come in for the repairs.

Trim nearby trees

Tree branches can cause a lot of damage to a roof and especially have a higher risk during storms. Branches that break can knock shingles loose or cause costly damage. Even leaves can be an issue if they stay on the roof and trap moisture beneath them. That can lead to rot or algae growing and affecting the integrity of the shingles. Branch trimming can either be DIYed or left to a professional if the work is too complicated or dangerous.

Get a professional inspection

Yearly roof inspections are the best way to catch and prevent major damage and roofing problems. While DIY inspections from the ground are a good way to catch obvious issues, don’t skip out on a professional. They can find and repair any damages by climbing onto the roof for up-close inspections. Professional inspections also help keep roof warranties and home insurance valid over the roof’s lifespan. If your roof is failing and is beyond repair, a roofer will make the recommendation for a roof replacement. Protect your roof and your home by keeping up on roof maintenance, repairs, and replace it when the time comes.

Roofers in Edmonton 

With skilled and professional roofers, Leon’s Roofing and Renovation guarantee quality roofing services. They can help with 24/7 repairs, as well as installation, reroofing, and more. Whether exterior roofing work or interior renovations, they are ready to help no matter your home’s needs.

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