How to care for and maintain your hydronic heating system

Hydronic heating is becoming a popular heating choice for homeowners. It’s effective, efficient, and unlike a central heating system, it doesn’t stir up dust and allergens into the air. Plus, it feels warm and cozy under your feet! DHL Mechanical in Calgary specializes in in-floor heating solutions. They share the benefits of hydronic heating and how to care for the system:

What is hydronic heating?

Compared to a forced-air system, radiant hydronic heating relies on heated water to warm a room. Not only is it more efficient, but it’s also much more convenient. A series of pipes are installed beneath the floorboards and subfloor, which then circulates hot water throughout each room. Since the flooring is the source of heat, warmth is distributed evenly throughout, without creating any cold spots. The air itself stays at room temperature, which also helps maintain the perfect amount of warmth without overheating.

Since there is no heat loss from air circulation or leaks, hydronic heating saves much more energy and expenses. It also lowers the risk of indoor air pollutants, as it does not stir up dust and spread it around your home. Of the different sources of radiant heating, hydronic is the most cost-efficient option. Paired with the benefit of having toasty feet, it’s rapidly becoming a popular option among homeowners.

Maintain your boiler

Since hydronic heating relies on a boiler to heat the water, it’s important to keep it in top shape. If you’re not sure what style of boiler is right, talk to a professional. They’ll take a look at both your home and the requirements for hydronic heating and suggest the best matches and prices. Once you have your boiler, make sure to maintain it well.

Do a visual check of your boiler to ensure there are no leaks, which can lead to corrosion. Also, check for any calcium deposits. Calcium build-ups will cause the boiler to work harder than necessary and lead to less efficient heating. Take a look at some additional steps that you can take to help maintain your boiler. In addition to checking yourself, hire a professional for a routine maintenance check. Aside from a visual inspection and cleaning, they’ll also give your boiler a tune-up. Once your boiler is at its best capacity, you don’t have to worry about premature break downs or inefficient heating.

Hire a professional to handle installation

Part of caring for your hydronic system starts with ensuring it is installed properly. Optimizing the design of a hydronic system involves where the boiler is installed and the layout of the heating panels. Improving these details will ensure your system runs at its highest efficiency and distributes heat evenly. The right material will likewise play a role in how well your system can retain heat and how strong the connection to the control panel will be. When you invest in a hydronic system, also invest in the skills of a professional. They’ll ensure the materials, layout, and design are all optimized in your home so you get the most benefits. A professional will have the right skills and experience also to ensure your boiler and heater are installed correctly.

Hydronic Heating in Calgary

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