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Choosing a paint colour for your living room, bedroom or kitchen seems like an easy task…until you’re standing in front of thousands of colour samples at your local building supply store. You thought you wanted a warm orange, but after seeing three dozen shades of orange, you are feel a little overwhelmed. You can purchase samples to try out on your walls at home, but instead of spending money on multiple cans of paint, or choosing the wrong colour and having to repaint all together, here are some tips on how to choose interior paint colours.

How do you want the room to feel?

The colour of your walls will directly affect the ambiance of the room. Do you want to lighten up a room that doesn’t get a lot of natural light? Do you want to feel relaxed or is a space for play or socializing? Typically, choosing soft, neutral or cool colours will give a room a peaceful vibe and contrasting, bold colours will make a statement and set the mood for socializing.  Professional painters can help you choose a colour that will compliment the way you want to the room to feel when you’re in it.

Paint a sample, but not directly on the wall.

As mentioned before, you can purchase small cans of paint to test it out at home. Instead of painting strips or squares all over your walls, consider painting large pieces of card stock and taping them to the wall instead. This way, you can move the cards around the room and test the colour out in different lights throughout the day and in different locations in the room. If you don’t like the colour, you don’t have to worry about repainting the wall. Just remove the card and test out the next one.

Be sure of the colours you DON’T like.

When you work with professional painters in Vancouver , you’ll get the benefit of knowledge, experience and an eye for colour.  During your colour consultation, show your painter some examples of colours you really don’t like. This will help them narrow down your choices, give you some suggestions, speed up the process and ensure the colour you choose will be one you’re going to love.

Trust your gut!

First impressions can mean a lot. If you immediately aren’t sure about a colour when you first see it, perhaps set that one aside and focus on the colours that your gut tells you are right. Listen to your instincts as quite often your first reaction to a colour will tell you whether it is the right colour for you and your home.

Seek the advice of a professional painting company.

As mentioned before, a professional painting company that offers colour consultations can be a huge benefit when it comes to choosing paint colours for your home’s interior. They know the vast array of paint colours inside and out and can often help you to find that exact colour or shade. Even if you are not sure yourself, just start asking questions and they can guide you to some colours that will help you make the choice.


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