How to choose the best countertops for an avid cook

If you have a gourmet kitchen in your home and love cooking, picking the right countertop is essential. Different materials like granite, quartz, or marble have various benefits depending on your cooking style. So, balancing looks with function is vital.

VE Stone Ltd. in Surrey is a full-scale natural stone countertop facility. They offer a range of high-quality countertops, including marble, granite, and quartz. Here are their tips when it comes to choosing the best countertop for your kitchen needs: 

Scratch resistance for heavy use

Particular countertops are very durable and can withstand surface chopping. Granite and quartz, for example, are very durable and can withstand direct chopping – however, a cutting board is often recommended to prevent minor scratches and protect your knives. Also, acidic foods like citrus fruit can damage the granite sealant and cause discolouration. With quartz countertops, that’s not a problem as it’s an engineered product and is non-porous. On the other hand, marble and laminate are softer materials, which means they will scratch and cut easily, making a cutting board a must-use.

Setting down a hot pan

While you should use a trivet for your pots before putting them on the countertop, sometimes there’s no time. For example, you may briefly place a hot pot on the counter during a busy cooking session before moving it. Likewise, you’ll want a countertop that can withstand the heat around a stove. That rules out wood or laminate countertops, but marble, quartz, and granite are all robust choices. Remember that regularly placing a hot pot down could cause discolouration or weaken the seal over time, so don’t make it a habit. However, choosing a heat-resistant countertop will minimize that risk so you can cook without concern.

Easy cleaning

Cleanup is part of the process of any cooking session, which means an easy-to-clean countertop is another must. It’s likely during any cooking that you’ll be working with oils, maybe wine, lemon juice, raw meats and fish and more. That’s where a non-porous countertop, like quartz, is a great option. Quartz doesn’t absorb bacteria or develop mould; it only needs a warm, soapy water mix to clean the surface. Quartz can also be made to mimic other materials, so you can get the look and appeal of granite or marble.

If you opt for granite, you can ensure it is protected by regular sealing. Sealing your granite countertop is easy and something you can do yourself. Talk to VE Stone about what products you can use to seal your granite countertops to protect it and make cleaning up a breeze.

Outdoor kitchen

When choosing a countertop for your outdoor kitchen, you can’t go wrong with natural stone. Granite is ideal for the outdoors as its durability can easily withstand hot and sunny days or rain. As with indoor granite countertops, keep them properly sealed to protect the surface and prevent bacteria buildup. Since the granite is outdoors with the sun above and hot elements below, consider a lighter countertop colour to help avoid too much heat buildup. 

Countertops in Surrey

VE Stone is a full-scale fabrication facility. They can help you with the smallest bathroom job to the largest commercial project. You’ll appreciate their wide selection of natural stone products with varying colours and styles, including marble, granite, and quartz. Stop by their showroom for inspiration and more information!

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