How to Choose the Best Painting Company

With so many different painting companies out there, it can be a challenge to know which one is the best fit for you and your home. The painters at Sense Five Painting in Edmonton have the expertise to complete painting projects successfully. Here are some tips for knowing which are the best painting companies.

They’re flexible

When deciding to hire a painting contractor, you may be on a timeline or have a certain budget you want to stick to. A quality painting company works with you and your schedule to ensure that you can get the job done on time. When it comes to your budget, the company can provide you with different quotes based on labour requirements and supplies in order to find the best fit for you.

They provide references

It’s always a great idea to ask the company you’re considering working with for references. When asking for references, however, ask for the three most recent project references. That way, the company isn’t picking out the best ones, and you can get a more accurate picture of how the company works. If they are unwilling to provide references, it is a red flag!

They have the proper paperwork

Contractors should have the proper paperwork with them in order to complete the job safety. This includes insurance, WCB coverage, and a business license. Ask the painting company to provide you with this paperwork, and make sure both you and the company are covered for the project. There are many illegitimate contractors out there. Make sure you hire an experienced and reputable company like Sense Five Painting.

They have third party certification

Sense Five Painting is RenovationFind Certified. That means they’ve passed a stringent screening process and are continually monitored to ensure they’re keeping up to high standards. It also means they are committed to building a brand of trust with their customers. RenovationFind’s screening process includes legal and financial background checks, checking for licensing, insurance, WCB coverage, and more.

They have a warranty

Many contracting companies, including painting companies, come with warranties for the projects. The warranties protect you from any problems that may arise after the project is completed. Ask the company ahead of time about their warranties in order to make a more informed decision. 

Painters in Edmonton

If you’re looking for a painting company you can count on, Sense Five Painting is the company for you. They will meet all your painting needs, and make sure you’re happy with the final product. No matter the size of the project, their team is there for you.

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