How to choose the perfect granite countertop edge

Countertop edges are small easy to overlook details, but ones that play a big role in overall room design. Granite countertops are especially visually striking, so they need the right edge to complete the look. Other factors like the room’s style, décor, and design will help when finding the perfect look.

PF Custom Countertops in Edmonton is a professional countertop company. They share some tips when it comes to picking the perfect granite countertop edge:

Bevel top

The bevel finish is one of the more traditional and classic styles when it comes to countertop edges. The style shaves off the top part of the countertop at an angle, creating a stylish drop. Other styles include a double bevel which cuts both the top and bottom of the edge for a more noticeable style. Bevel edges are a great choice when you want to add old elegance to your home and countertop. In a kitchen with a statement island, a bevel edge with a granite material is an eye-catching look. It’s graceful and sleek and perfect for a luxury-designed room.


This is another popular style for granite countertops and is a great choice for families with kids. Bullnose means the edges of the counter have been rounded on the top and bottom, so there are no hard edges. The look creates a soft, curvy finish that adds a gentle if not welcoming feel to the room.

Bathrooms are a great choice for a bullnose finish as the look isn’t so eye-catching that it takes away from the rest of the room’s décor and finishes. In a kitchen, bullnose edges are ideal for ageing-in-place upgrades or if you have small kids that tend to run into sharp edges.


If you want the focus on your countertop with a clear high-end finish, then ogee is the way to go. Ogee edges use two sweeping arcs that create dips or an “s” shape when viewed from the side. The look is at once traditional in an old Victoria way as it is modern and stylish. On a granite countertop, it adds even more visual appeal to the striking material.

Ogee edges can also pair with other finishes for an even more dramatic look. Ogee over bullnose, for example, adds the double arcing slopes of the ogee style with a third rounded level like the bullnose. The combination is a perfect way to have a striking finish, but with all the rounded benefits of a safe countertop. 

Countertops in Edmonton

PF Custom Countertops proudly offers a full range of countertop services, including design, build, and installation. They also offer custom granite, quartz, laminate, and solid surface countertops that are all high-quality and visually stunning. Each project is handled with a custom approach, so you get what you need every time. 

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