How to choose the right home security features for your home

Home security offers several different protection plans, features, and costs for every budget. It helps keep your home safer and offers greater peace of mind. Choosing the right system can seem daunting with so many choices. What is best for your home and family?

Telsco Security Systems in Edmonton provides full-service home security and commercial security systems. They share some questions to ask yourself to help narrow down the right security system for your home:

Who or what is the system for?

Before you choose anything, start by deciding what or who the security system will be protecting. Is it for your kids while they are home alone? Do you have pets who need virtual supervision, or do you want to protect your house from intruders? Knowing who you want to protect will make narrowing down the features and system types that much easier. If it is just peace of mind by knowing who’s at the door, then a video doorbell or security camera can be the right option, for example.

What features do you want?

Another part of home security is the different types of features available. Doorbell and nanny cameras, lighting security, or emergency call pendants for elderly family members are all options. Home security can be as simple or complex as you need it to be, so start with your immediate needs. If your house has lots of windows and big ones, consider glass break detectors to catch and deter intruders. Or, instead, you might want contacts installed at all entry points in the home to sound the alarm if they are opened after the alarm is set. Most systems also have an app option for easier control and access even from remote areas. These are all things you can talk about with your Telsco representative.

How big is your home?

House size will also play a role in your home security system. You’ll need the right equipment and amount to properly protect your home. Any entrances and exits, windows, and doorways should have either contact or glass break sensors on them. Garages are another factor to consider, especially with attached garages that lead right into your home. Are there also any patios with outdoor access? To get an idea of what security you need, your Telsco representative will do a walk-through at your home with you. They can show you vulnerable areas, and make suggestions for features to include with your tailored home security system.

Ask questions

Make sure you communicate well with a professional and get their advice and suggestions. Once you tell them what you want or need from a security system, they can better help you find the right match. Home security professionals have years of experience and knowledge when it comes to protecting homes. They’ll factor in your home’s layout, its size, and entryways, as well as your lifestyle and personal needs. You can also find the right match at the right price without sacrificing safety for a budget.

Home Security in Edmonton

For over 45 years, Telsco Security Systems have proudly been protecting their customers and ensuring absolute peace of mind. Their contact centre is local, which means fast and effective service every time. No customer needs are the same, which is why they provide customized security systems for all homes. They offer consultations and installation for full-service and support from start to finish.

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