How to Clean Drywall Before Painting

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If you’ve recently completely a dry wall renovation you know that the dust is a stubborn and seems to get everywhere! If not removed beforehand, it can appear on your newly painted walls.

Removing drywall dust is not that easy, but is very necessary. Here is how you can prep your drywall for painting:

Get out the vacuum!

The best way to start is by vacuuming your walls. Start from the top to bottom so you ‘ll catch the dust that falls as well. Then slowly move to left from right. You might have to repeat this.

Wipe down the walls

The vacuum won’t get all of it, unfortunately.  Gather two buckets: one filled with cool water and the other with water and mild dish soap. Dip your cloth or sponge in the soapy water and wring it out well, so it’s just damp.  You don’t want to wet your drywall! Then start by working on a small section of the wall. After the sponge becomes completly dry, dip it in the bucket of clean water and wipe off the extra soap from the wall. Continue this process until all sections of the wall have been covered. When the water gets dirty, be sure to replace it.

Perform a “painter in black” test

After the wall has been washed completely. Let it dry thoroughly. Then, rub a black rag or an old black T-shirt or clothe along the wall. If it shows any traces of white drywall dust, repeat the steps right from the beginning.

While painting your walls is an easier and less expensive endeavor, you want to make sure it’s done right the first time, free of that pesky drywall dust. 

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