How to clean windows like a pro

The outside of your house is exposed to the elements throughout the shift in seasons. In particular, windows in Edmonton are subject to an accumulation of dirt and dust. Keeping the glass clean on the inside is just as important as keeping it clean on the outside. Cleaning your windows can help them look and even function better longer. GreenFox Windows and Doors offers window products and installation. They share some tips on how to keep your new windows clean:

Trade in the Paper Towels

Instead of using a wad of paper towels, which have potential to fall apart and leave a streaky mess, use a long cloth strip applicator. Scrub the glass with the long cloth head, and make sure to cover every part of the glass. The scrubber loosens the dirt without scratching the glass, to ensure a thorough clean.

Cleaning Solution

You don’t have to be fancy with the solution you use. A little bit of detergent and warm water will suffice. They key is to not add too much detergent, as this will cause a streaky finish. It might be tempting to add more, as Edmonton windows can be filthy after a grueling winter season. As well, make sure the bucket you choose is big enough for your squeegee to fit into.

Wipe Clean

There are a few ways to wipe the soapy pane clean. Start from top to bottom, press lightly against the glass, and pull down steadily. Alternatively, direct the squeegee in a reverse-S pattern. After each full stroke, make sure to wipe off any excess water on the blade. Work your way down the window, slowly and with care. There are a variety of shapes and sizes of squeegees that will fit your window size. Save yourself time and energy by measuring your window before hand, so that you can find the correct sized squeegee to maximize efficiency.

Wipe Away Excess Water

Use a microfiber or a lint free rag to wipe up any excess water that still remains. Refrain from using paper towel, as small particles may end up on your freshly cleaned window. It is important to clean around the perimeter of the window, as there still may be dirt and left over suds. Wipe off any remaining streaks from the window with the microfiber cloth. Learn more about which microfiber cloths are best for cleaning your windows.

GreenFox Windows and Doors provide high quality products, services, and customization. If you need new windows of Edmonton, contact GreenFox Windows and Doors.

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