How to decide what needs to be done during a bathroom renovation

Depending on your wants and needs, there are different types of bathroom renovations that you can do. That may mean a small paint job to touch up some wear and tear or a complete reflooring to freshen up the room. If you want to renovate, but don’t have a plan, there are tips to help narrow down your options.

Modern Home Renovations in Edmonton has over 20 years of experience providing quality renovation services. They share some tips to help you choose the right renovation for your bathroom:

Cosmetic renovations: simple changes

These types of renovations are quick and easy to do because you’re just changing the cosmetics. Upgrade your old sink to an oval one, replace those countertops with solid quartz and add a feature tile wall to give your bathroom a whole new look. Cosmetic renovations are perfect if the functional and overall design of your bathroom still works, but the appearance is old. Simple beautifications such as these are easily done for one or all of your bathrooms.

Plumbing fixture remodel: greater efficiency and style

Swap out your old plumbing with more efficient and stylish fixtures to really give your bathroom a fresh facelift. One popular remodel is to get rid of bathtubs and instead convert the space into a luxury walk-in shower. Customize the area with glass doors and feature tile walls, and your shower will become a focal feature. For sinks, vessel sinks are not only beautiful, but they also save on counter space. Pair it with a stylish bronze waterfall faucet, and it’ll transform the look of your vanity space.

For efficiency upgrades, install low-flow faucets for your shower head and sink. Invest in a dual flush toilet as well, to save more on monthly water bills. If you are planning to sell, having a stylish and energy-efficient bathroom will go a long way with impressing buyers.

Floor plan change renovation: redesigning to update

It may be the case that your bathroom simply doesn’t fit your lifestyle or family anymore and needs a change. For instance, if your family has grown or your aging-parents are moving in, it’s time for a new floor plan. Base these sorts of renovations on who will use the bathroom the most and how frequently. Does it make sense to keep your bathtub, or does a walk-in shower suit needs more? Do you need to lower or raise the toilet seat to accommodate children or family members with mobility issues? Knowing who you are targeting for these renovations will make it much easier to decide on a new layout and what fixtures to choose. Need some ideas? Check out these gorgeous bathroom layouts for some inspiration.

Bathroom addition: growing family and added value

Another remodel option is to add a whole new bathroom to your home. Bathrooms have a high ROI, so it’s well worth adding another. If you’re planning to sell as well, then potential buyers will want to have multiple bathrooms. It’s also a great way to add value to your home by improving overall functionality. Take a look around your house to see where a new bathroom would benefit the most. Even adding a powder room to the main floor or a new bathroom in the basement will be a huge boost to your home.

General Contractors in Edmonton

Modern Home Renovation has 20 years of experience and proven quality services to show. They pride themselves on helping with every step of a project, from the design through till the end result. Their services include everything from basement development, stonework, bathroom remodeling, drywall installation and framing, and much more. Any service you need, Modern Home Renovations is ready to provide.

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