How to distress your cabinets using chalk paint

If you’re looking for a no fuss, no prep way to give the cabinets in your Calgary home a makeover, then look no further than chalk paint. This is the perfect way to get a distressed look without the hassle of sanding and priming. All you need to do before you start is thoroughly clean your cabinets with a mild dish washing detergent.  Calgary cabinet painters can help if you you don’t want to do it yourself.

Get out the hammer to give your cabinets a bit more character
Unlike regular paints, the key to getting a great distressed look with chalk paint is to make your cabinets look old, and a bit banged up, before you start painting. If you want to give your cabinets a bit of extra character, rub them with a high grit sandpaper, bang the edges with a hammer, and use a screw to make small groupings of round holes to mimic wormholes.

Slap on the paint
Using chalk paint to give the cabinets in your Calgary home a distressed look is quick and easy. And since the look you’re going for is rustic, you don’t even have to do it neatly. Simply apply your first coat of paint in a haphazard figure of 8 pattern. If you are happy with the look after that then you are done painting. But if it’s not quite what you want, then add another coat of paint after the first layer has dried.

When you are happy with coverage, use a bit of sandpaper to enhance the look. Go over areas that would naturally receive the most wear and tear, like corners, edges, drawers and raised details. Start with a light sanding and keep going until you have achieved the desired effect. Finally clean off the dust and apply a layer of chalk paint sealing wax. Use a clean, lint free cloth to massage the wax into the cabinets. Then use a microfiber cloth to remove any excess wax.  It’s that simple to give your kitchen cabinets a quick makeover.

Visit your nearest cabinet painting expert in Calgary to find out more about chalk paints.

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