How to evaluate estimates for your new windows

Replacing your windows and doors is a significant investment. Choosing high-quality, energy-efficient windows will boost efficiency, curb appeal, and even resale value. When you’re shopping around for a window company, there are a few things you should watch for when you’re receiving quotes for the job.

You might get a quote that is substantially more or less expensive than others. Unfortunately, not every company is an honest one. How do you know what the right choice is?

Hi-Tech Energy Windows Ltd. in Winnipeg shares some tips on evaluating quotes for your new windows or doors.

Quality and experience are worth the price

An extremely low quote is not necessarily the best quote. If it feels too good to be true, it probably is. It could mean that the window company lacks experience and cannot compete with more experienced companies. They could also be offering cheaper and inferior products or materials and have hired inexperienced installers at lower wages. All these reasons could be why their estimate is so much lower than the others.

You never want to cheap out on your new windows or window installation. Inferior products could diminish energy efficiency, home comfort and might need replacing prematurely. Amateur installation could result in leaks, water damage, and other issues. If you’re spending thousands of dollars on a home upgrade, you want to make sure the products are superior. An experienced and knowledgeable company that provides high-quality products and installation is worth their competitive pricing.

You might be surprised with extra costs when it’s time to pay

An honest, reputable window company will be transparent in its quoting process. Unfortunately, there are home improvement contractors who will not be. Hi-Tech Energy Windows will never leave out essential components in the estimate. Every detail, including the cost of labour, materials, and other fees, will be included in the quote upfront.

If you’re handed an estimate from a window company that lacks detail, it’s possible things will start coming up throughout the project. Suddenly, there might be extra work or fees you didn’t know about at the beginning. These costs could appear because the company was dishonest with you. It could also happen if they are inexperienced and didn’t consider all aspects of the job when quoting you.

Transparency means letting you know there could be extra costs

Although we wish it were the case, not every project goes as perfectly as we hope. Some things can come up during your window replacement that will require more work. It isn’t because the company was dishonest with you; it’s because they can’t predict what they might find once the old windows are out until they’re out!

For example, your window installer might pull out your old windows to find they had been leaking. There could be rotten boards, damaged insulation, and even mould that will need removing and repairing. In some cases, they might find loose bricks that need to be fixed before installing the new window. Fixing these problems will cost more money than your initial estimate.

That is why Hi-Tech Energy Windows will recommend adding 10% to your initial budget to cover these costs. A lot of the time, you won’t end up spending that 10% extra. When you do need it, you are better prepared financially and mentally, and the project carries on.

Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions

If you’re comparing estimates for your project, make sure you ask many questions of every company you consider. Why was their quote lower than the others? Why is it higher? Does the estimate include labour, supplies, travel time, disposal of old materials, and even that contingency budget? An experienced window company will explain every detail of their quote and prepare you for unforeseen issues.

Ask for references, check for business licensing, and make sure their workers are covered by WCB. A reputable company will be able to provide those things, no problem.

Doors and Windows in Winnipeg

Hi-Tech Energy Windows Ltd. is a family-owned and operated company in Winnipeg. From the beginning, they’ve understood that providing upfront, transparent quoting for their customers is essential. When you choose Hi-Tech Energy Windows, you’ll receive a detailed quote outlining everything in your entire project. They’ll also be honest with you on the timeframe of your project. While window installations usually happen within 4-8 weeks, things have been taking longer because of the pandemic. They thank their customers for their patience.

Hi-Tech Energy Windows Ltd. is a premier window manufacturer in Canada. They design and manufacture the most energy-efficient, high-security, custom windows and doors for the extreme temperatures in Canada’s northern climate. Friendly customer service, a lifetime warranty, and their SuperCORE technology set them apart from the rest.

For your new windows and doors, contact Hi-Tech Energy Windows Ltd.!

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