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When undergoing home renovations, you may seek the expertise of a general contractor. General contractors are knowledgeable about home projects and renovations. They have years of experience and know-how to get any job done right. However, when using a general contractor, it may be difficult to know if you’ve found a good one.

4 O.A.K. Construction in Edmonton is a professional general contracting and home renovation company. They share some important tips on how to find a quality contractor:

They check in with you frequently

House renovations can be full of surprises. There may be things behind the walls that weren’t originally anticipated, layout changes that have to be made, or design choices that won’t work out. The general contractor on your project should be informing you of these issues when they arise. Not only that, but checking in with daily updates shows that they care about and consider your needs throughout the process.

In addition to checking in, they should let you if they are ever behind schedule. That way, you and the people working on your home can adjust accordingly, and look at what steps need to be taken in the future.

They respect your home

General contractors are stepping into a space that isn’t their own. They should be taking necessary precautions to keep your space clean and prevent unnecessary damages. This can be evidenced by covering furniture when painting or sanding, watching out for walls to avoid denting or watching out for features that aren’t part of the renovation process.

They give you an accurate quote

Renovations to your home aren’t cheap. When doing a project with the help of a general contractor, they should provide an estimate of what the project will cost. This includes materials, labor, and perhaps a contingency for any problems that may arise. They should communicate clearly whenever something ends up costing more than the estimate, or unexpected expenses are encountered. If you find that your general contractor isn’t giving you accurate numbers or can’t provide a solid cost estimate in writing, hire someone else.

General Contractors in Edmonton

The general contractors at 4 O.A.K. Construction can take care of any project. Big or small, interior or exterior. At 4 O.A.K. we understand that your house isn’t just a building, it is your home. All of our work is done in a manner that respects your property and your family.

If you are in need of a quality general contractor, contact 4 O.A.K. today!

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