How to incorporate window coverings with interior design

Interior design and decorating is more than just about picking the right paint colour or fixtures: it’s a multi-level process. When decorating a room, there are various elements and colours to take into consideration. One such key element is window coverings, which are both practical and aesthetic.

Next Interiors in Edmonton is a professional interior design and decorating company. They offer some tips when it comes to window coverings in your home’s design plan:

Colours and patterns

Just like interior design likes to blend colours with complementary patterns, curtains can do the same. Bright and bold curtains can add a pop of colour to the room for an eye-catching statement. Heavily patterned ones can add energy and character to the space. It’s also a great way to pair matching patterns on pillows or rugs to create a sense of flow. Just be sure not to add too many colours or patterns in a room. In a neutrally painted room, coloured curtains are a welcome touch of colour and brightness. In a colourful room, stick with neutral curtains and play with patterns instead.

Length and fabric

The length and fabric weight of window coverings will play a big role in affecting a room’s overall appearance and tone. Heavy fabrics that are floor-length tend to add a more traditional and elegant feel to a room. Lightweight fabrics, even floor-length, are less traditional and breezier and more modern. They add height and elegance while brightening the space. Pairing short curtains with smaller windows is an easy way to draw attention to the window but in a causal way. They act like a frame, drawing the eye and making the window a focal point.

Layered look

Another interior design trick is to use layers when decorating and furnishing a room. Layered lighting keeps away any shadows and gives lighting for any activity. Paint that is layered gives depth and colour to a room in a more interesting way. Drapery that is layered has a similar appealing effect. Neutral panels with a heavier fabric on the outside add depth to the window. Different panels of various coloured coverings help add brightness and colour to a room. Practically as well, layered curtains are a great way to control lighting in the room. Sheer curtains will trickle in the sunlight for a gentle glow, while a heavy drape can completely block the light. Depending on the room in which you have window coverings, consider what layered look would be the best fit.

Interior Decorators in Edmonton and Window Coverings in Edmonton

Next Interiors prides themselves on offering full design solutions to their customers. They work closely with each customer to help reflect their unique personality and preferences in every home. Their goal is to provide both beautiful designs, functional designs. Space planning, drawings, finishing selections, colour consultations, furnishings, and window coverings are their specialties.

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