How to layer lighting in your home

A well-designed lighting plan should be a component of major renovations in Calgary. Good light sets the mood, provides illumination for completing tasks and is part of the overall design. Bad lighting can be distracting, bad for your eyes, and set a negative ambiance.

Using multiple types of lighting and fixtures will bring the room to life. When creating a lighting plan, always have ambient, task, and accent lighting. LD&A is a full-scale renovation company in Calgary. They share more information on how to layer lighting in your home effectively:

Start with ambient lighting

Ambient lighting is the first layer of light in your renovation’s light design. Ambient lighting provides general illumination. Often, ambient lighting is provided by recessed, wall sconces, or pendant light fixtures. You can consider natural lighting from large windows or a skylight part of your ambient lighting as well.

You want your ambient lighting to light up the entire room evenly but don’t want it to glare. Recessed lighting is a popular choice because it is tucked away in the ceiling. You can install recessed lighting on a dimmer so you can adjust the lighting depending on your mood or needs. Pendant lights can compliment recessed fixtures by hanging over the kitchen island or table.

Move to task lighting

Task lighting does as the name suggests: provides lighting to complete tasks. It allows for the appropriate level of illumination on a focussed area. Under-cabinet lighting provides adequate task lighting for working at the kitchen countertop. The bright lights at your vanity mirror in the bathroom are also task lighting. A table or floor lamp will provide task lighting for reading, working, and other tasks.

Combined with ambient lighting, task lighting can help balance the room visually and practically. However, for the full impact of a well-designed lighting plan, you’ll need a third layer.

Finish with accent lighting

Use accent lighting to highlight things in the room like architectural details, photos, or home décor. Generally, accent lighting should be much brighter than ambient lighting for the full effect. Accent light fixtures could include picture lights, focussed recessed lightings, wall sconces, or track lighting.

Choose the right light bulbs

You should also consider the type of light bulbs used. LED bulbs are the best for energy efficiency, but make sure you choose a brightness, lumens, and colour that is best for their purpose. Some might find a bright white light glaring for ambient lighting, while others appreciate the brightness. You might prefer a bulb that provides a softer, warmer glow. Learn more about choosing the right light bulbs.

Help from a professional design team

Enlisting the help of experienced interior designers in Calgary will ensure your renovation design includes a properly layered lighting plan. Not only can they help you choose fixtures, but they’ll make a recommendation on lighting control. Dimmer switches, placement of light switches, and outlets are all important things to consider.

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