Carpet flooring is a common and comfortable flooring used in many homes, in places such as bedrooms, hallways, living spaces, basements, play areas and on stairs. While being a convenient flooring choice, it requires upkeep. If you’re wondering why your carpet didn’t hold up, or are thinking about installing brand new carpet in your home, read these tips for maintaining your carpet from Deerfoot Carpet & Flooring in Calgary.

Vacuum often.

Carpets accumulate dust particles, dirt, food crumbs, and the like, especially in family homes. One of the easiest ways to maintain your carpet is vacuuming the carpet in your home regularly. This will ensure that the carpet stays clean.

And take your time! Going too fast when vacuuming will make the suction less efficient, and doesn’t allow the vacuum to clean the carpet properly.

Use a carpet cleaners periodically.

Carpet cleaners are an easy way to deep clean your carpet in your home. These can be rented from different grocery stores and are very effective. They clean the carpet deeper and can improve the overall appearance, making those grey carpets white again.

These are probably to be used less frequently than vacuuming, as too much moisture can be harmful to the carpet.

Avoid moisture.

Keeping moisture out of the carpet is an important part of maintaining carpets within your home, as water and moisture can damage the carpet, and create mold and stiffness. This is why it’s important to clean spills immediately after. Keeping your carpet dry will ensure the feel of the carpet lasts.

Another way to avoid moisture is to remove footwear when walking on the carpet. It will keep the carpet clean and leave the outdoor mess outside.

Clean spills right away.

As spilling on your carpet every once in a while is to be expected, cleaning them can get tricky. Giving the spill less time to saturate in the carpet will make it easier to clean, and more likely for the stain to disappear. And remember, it’s important to dab the spill rather than rub, otherwise the spill will spread out further and go deeper into the carpet fibres, leaving a visible mark.

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Deerfoot Carpet & Flooring has been making its Calgary customers happy since 1994 by listening to the needs of the client. They offer a variety of flooring products along with carpet, including hardwood, laminate, tile, linoleum, vinyl plank, vinyl tile as well as commercial flooring and floor care and cleaning products.

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