How to maintain your rubber paving

While rubber paving has a long lifespan and is highly durable, it does need some maintenance. Knowing what care your rubber paving needs will ensure it lasts even longer and looks great. Luckily, the maintenance is easy to do. 

Prairie Rubber Paving in Edmonton offers high-quality rubber paving services to residential and commercial clients. They share what maintenance your rubber paving will need:

Clear away ice and snow

Rubber driveways aren’t affected by ice in the winter, so don’t use any ice-removing chemicals or harsh scraping. Instead, use a plastic shovel or a snowblower to clear away the snow. Also, metal can scratch and damage the rubber, so avoid using ice chippers and metal tools. 

Remove dirt and leaves

A simple broom will do the trick when clearing away any leaves or dirt from the rubber paving surface. That will help prevent leaves rotting on the surface or leaving behind dirty marks and stains. You can also use a hose to wash the surface after clearing it to get that brand-new look again. A pressure washer will also do the trick if you do a thorough clean after the snow thaws. Just be sure to put it on a low setting so you don’t accidentally damage the rubber.

Scrub out oil stains

Unlike concrete, oil or grease stains on your rubber won’t leave a permanent mark. That said, it doesn’t help the visual curb appeal either, so take the time to clean away any spills as they happen. However, do not use any harsh acid-based products or strong solvents, as that could cause damage. With rubber, just a simple soap and water combination and a good brush will scrub the stain. 

Have it sealed

Brand-new rubber can be sealed to help protect it even more against any wear or damage. The seal will also protect from damage from UV light, so it stays looking new longer. Rubber seals can be applied once every two years, so it’s a worthwhile investment if you want to maintain the look. Paired with regular maintenance, you won’t have to worry about your paving.

Repair damage early

Don’t let it go unrepaired if you notice damage to your rubber paving. It’s best to call in professionals like Prairie Rubber Paving early to repair the damage. Leaving it risks the damage either worsening, leading to other issues, and in the end becoming a much more costly repair. Fortunately, repairing rubber paving is straightforward and affordable. You can get back to enjoying the benefits and appeal of your rubber surface quickly. 

Rubber Paving in Edmonton 

Prairie Rubber Paving is a premium rubber paving company with years of experience. They use only the highest quality synthetic rubber and polyurethane products to ensure the safest and most durable surfaces. In addition, they can advise how to care for your new rubber paving, so it continues to look like new for years. Whether you’re installing a rubber driveway, patio, steps, pool deck, or another surface, always trust the professionals at Prairie Rubber Paving. 

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