How to make the most of your yard this year

With everyone spending more time at home, homeowners are looking for ways to enhance their living spaces. While interior renovations can improve function and aesthetics, enhancing your outdoor living spaces has excellent value. If your yard has been underutilized, or you’re ready for a change, make this year the year you invest in professional landscaping services.

Anew View Landscape Construction in Edmonton shares how you can make the most of your yard this year:

Make the best use of what you have

Whether your yard is large or small, a professional landscaper can help create a design that best optimizes your space. Often, misuse of space, materials, and incorrect landscape installation can deter people from using their backyards. It could lack flow and function. Working directly with you, one-on-one, Anew View Landscape Construction can help you create the perfect outdoor oasis making the best use of the space you have.

Make intentional spaces for outdoor living

Think of your landscaping project as a way to extend your living space outdoors. While flower beds, pathways, and beautiful plant arrangements can enhance things, you need to create living spaces. Ideas include a patio with lounge-type furniture for relaxing and socializing. You could incorporate a deck with a dining table and a designated area for your barbeque to cook and enjoy meals with your family. A campfire or fireplace area will create a space for spending time outdoors during those long summer nights.

For more inspiration, check out these creative patio ideas for your outdoor living space.

Creating outdoor living spaces will make life at home more enjoyable. It will also increase your property value. Landscape features like decks and patios that can be outdoor living spaces are sought after by buyers and have a good return on investment.

Book early to avoid and extend the season

You don’t have to wait until spring to start planning your backyard renovation. Contact your landscaper today, and start creating a plan. Then you can book your installation during the first days of spring. Landscapers book fast when the weather improves. Booking your project now will ensure you can get it done. Having your project complete early also means you’ll have a more extended season to enjoy it. Plus, it will give you a few months to work out all the details to create the yard of your dreams.

Landscapers in Edmonton

Located in Leduc, Anew View Landscape Construction offers professional landscape design and installation services to the Edmonton area. They believe your property should be an extension of your home and lifestyle. With 20 plus years of experience, they’re ready to renovate your existing yard into an inviting and comfortable outdoor living space.

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