How to Make Your Small Bedroom Look Spacious – 5 Simple Ticks

Many a time, bedrooms look more like a small cave than a spacious cozy personal space. It might happen if there is lack of natural light, cluttered furniture arrangement, or bad choice of colors. It does not give a pleasant look and comfortable feeling. Small rooms need to be decorated in a way that they look spacious and bigger than they actually are.


If you too are facing the same problem, you definitely need to take a quick action to solve it. If you are perplexed about that, this article has got some easy tips and tricks for you. So, stop worrying about a small room. Follow the guidelines given below and see how it transforms the small size look into a bigger looking room:


  1. Clean the clutter to space it out


Along with colors, the look of the bedroom depends a lot on the furniture you have in it. An uncluttered bedroom is a key to a spacious room. When you make your room clutter-free, it seems to be airy, open and welcoming. Look around the room and notice the things that do not add up to the enhancement of the room.


Settle with organized storage and get rid of unnecessary furniture. You can also follow simple habits that keep the room clean and less jumbled. Keep the clothes in the closet, put the pennies in the piggy bank, pens and pencils in pen-stand and books on the shelf.


Mostly, sofas are unnecessary in a small bedroom. So, you can get it out of the room. The bedroom essentials include a bedside table or two, a small flower-vase, table lamps, window curtains and a rug. That’s all.


  1. Lesser is better


You might have seen a bedroom that has a sofa set, a small coffee table and four chairs around it, a decor table in another corner and big vases. Mind this, you do not each everything of it in your bedroom. All you need is a king-sized bed that fits well in the room, a couple of bedside tables, a small vase, matching window drapes and a rug.


You can hang a few photo frames or a good painting on a wall. Do not mess much with the walls and wall arts. Just like the room, you must have to keep the walls clutter-free to in order to give your room a decent view. If you are looking for affordable options, you can Upgrade your bedroom with Macy’s discount offers.


  1. Choose the hues cleverly


Yes! Besides the furniture, colors play an important role to improve the appearance of your bedroom. The color of walls and ceiling should be chosen cleverly. If dark colors are painted at the corners or used in outlines to highlighted the painted colors, it would blur the corners. This thing would narrow down the look, leading to a compressed look of the room.


Use light color shades as much as possible. They would give an extended look at the corners. Let the natural light in and see how big difference it makes. The combination of light colors and the natural light illuminates the space as well as your mood altogether.


  1. Mirror and curtains


Well, believe it or not, but the mirror does the trick. You do not have to place mirrors on all the walls. Just one enough big to reflect the room. Choose an empty wall with statement color and place a big mirror there. With rest of the light colored walls reflecting in the mirror, the room indeed looks larger than its actual side.


  1. Keep the colors curtains and wall similar


If you observe carefully, looking around the wall will break the consistency when your eyesight reaches a window. So, keeping the shade of window drapes similar to the walls would give you a feeling of a bigger room.


Matching the curtains and wall paint colors would fool the viewer of the bedroom making it look bigger than it really is. If you do not like the shades of same hues, you can go for a printed version in that same shade. Small prints or big block print on the window drapes would make it look expanded.


At last, remember that small changes in your bedroom can bring significant changes in its looks. Using various coupons websites like Couponobox that helps you to get the work done at the most simplified rates. It does not take much of a hard work. Small changes and some good habits to maintain, that would be more than enough to keep the look of your bedroom pleasant all the time.

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