How to maximize your basement suite renovation

If you’re putting in a legal secondary suite in your basement, there are things you can do to maximize your rental price and attract quality tenants. Including upgraded features and a smart layout can help ensure your suite brings in revenue and adds to your property value.

M.S. Rad Construction in Coquitlam has suggestions to maximize your basement suite renovation:

Maximize the layout

Typically, basement suites are considered smaller and darker than main floor rentals. These can be easily remedied by taking certain things into consideration. An open layout will help to make the space feel larger, and high ceilings will do the same. If possible, install larger windows with deep window wells to allow more light inside. Create a good lighting plan to brighten things up. Use recessed light fixtures for ambient lighting, task lighting like table lamps, and accent lighting to add a cozy feel to the suite. Read more basement suite decorating ideas. 

Don’t skimp on the kitchen

A beautiful and functional kitchen will attract tenants. A complete kitchen is essential for a legal secondary suite. Including ample cabinetry, countertop and storage space, and dishwasher elevates a rental suite. This type of investment can pay off with a higher rental rate and tenant retention. In addition, it will provide revenue to help pay your mortgage and other home expenses. M.S. Rad Construction can provide helpful advice for designing the kitchen for your secondary suite.

Heated flooring is comfortable and efficient

Since basements are typically cooler due to air movement and insulation, having heated flooring can be a perk for renters. In-floor heating provides consistent, even heat throughout the space. It will improve home comfort for your tenants and be more energy-efficient overall. That can translate to cost savings for you or the tenant, depending on who pays the utility bills. If you ever use the basement for yourself down the road, you’ll appreciate the warm and cozy floors underfoot!

Basement Renovations in Coquitlam

M.S. Rad Construction has decades of experience, establishing them as a leader in the local construction industry. They serve Coquitlam and the Lower Mainland, offerings a full range of renovation and construction services. Whether renovating your entire home, putting in a secondary suite, or doing a few upgrades, they’re a trustworthy contractor that guarantees customer satisfaction.

Maximize your basement rental suite with MS Rad Construction today.

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