How to pick the best lighting for every room in your home

Lighting plays a big role in affecting or upgrading the look and feel of a room. From lighting colours, fixture styles and location, there’s a lot that goes into choosing the right lights! With room-specific lighting as well, some styles are just the best!

Halat Electrical Ltd. in Calgary is an electrical contractor company for high-quality electrical services. If your home renovation includes new electrical and lighting fixtures, read these tips for picking the best lighting for every room in your home:

Kitchen: bright lights with ambient and task

Kitchen lighting will benefit the most from having ambient overhead lighting, with specifically placed task lights. For the type of ambient light, you want something that is a nice, bright white. Kitchens work best with bright lighting because it helps create a more energetic atmosphere. It also provides the most light to work under, which is perfect for preparing meals. For ambient fixtures, pendant lights are a popular choice. Hang them over top of your countertops for both added ambiance and décor appeal.

As for the task lighting, recessed lights installed underneath cabinets are the best choice. They take up minimal space and are the perfect lighting for specific tasks. Recessed lights can also be installed in the ceiling and paired with pendant lights to double your ambient light sources. Plus, you get the benefit of two different fixture styles for bonus décor appeal.

Living room: soft white with ambient and accent

Unlike kitchens, you don’t want bright, white lights in your living room. Instead, a softer, white light will help add to that classic cozy, welcoming feel. For the source of the light, both ambient and accent work best. Accents lights should be used to highlight a specific object or piece of furniture — for example, a piece of art. Accent fixtures can range from recessed lights to table lamps, depending on what look you want. As for ambient light fixtures, most fixtures will work in a living room. Chandeliers are great for added elegance, or for a more modern décor, use pendant lights.

Bathrooms: bright white with ambient and task

In general, bathroom lights should be a nice bright white, similar to kitchen lighting. Still, the right balance of light is important to avoid causing glare or casting shadows. For overhead lighting, recessed lights are a popular choice. They easily light up the entire room and will provide even lighting throughout. Task lighting should be installed on either side of vanity mirrors to avoid casting shadows on your face. For these, either wall mounted lights or sconces are the best choices.

Bedrooms: warm light with ambient and task

Like living rooms, bedrooms do best with warm, cooler lighting. This similarly helps add coziness to the room but also helps keep your energy levels down. Common sources of bedroom task lights are table lamps, typically placed next to or near the bed. For the ambient lighting, you don’t want the light shining straight down onto the bed. Instead, angle the light away and have it shine on other parts of the room. Ceiling mounted fixtures are a standard choice for most bedroom lighting. Still, opting for a chandelier instead can add a luxury lighting upgrade to your room! Take a look at some of these other unique, luxurious bedroom light fixtures.

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