How to Plan a Successful Demolition

Before a new construction or renovation project can begin, you may need to do some demolition. Whether removing a floor or an entire kitchen, a successful demolition calls for an experienced contractor that values your needs and budget. Planning your demolition just as thoroughly as planning your renovation means your project should go smoothly.

Reno Bros Contracting in Vancouver provides high-quality residential, commercial, and strata demolition and renovation services. No matter the size of the project, they keep the demolition and renovation process simple.

Do an assessment

Your contractor will create a customized plan for the demolition process. To do this, they need to complete a thorough assessment. They survey the structure and surrounding area, learn what materials were used during construction, and identify potentially hazardous materials onsite. The assessment helps your contractor determine the scope of the project.

Get an estimate

Once the assessment is finished, your contractor gives an estimate. It’s important to remember that the quote is not the final rate. Unexpected things could arise during the demolition process, like discovering hazardous materials, leading to additional costs. You can prepare mentally and financially by adding 10 to 15% to your budget as a contingency. 

Get an inspection

A home inspection confirms any hazardous materials, such as asbestos, lead paint, CFCs, mercury, or PCBs. You do not want to discover any of these substances during demolition. They all require removal from a specialized abatement company. Testing for hazardous materials before demolition begins keeps everyone safe and avoids unexpected delays. An inspection also looks for mould, rotting wood, and other structural defects. Learn more about removing asbestos from your home.

Obtain the permits

You must have all the necessary building permits before demolition can begin. These permits ensure that your house meets the safety requirements for your region. In addition, your contractor cannot begin without approval from the municipality. Your contractor will usually include obtaining permits and permit fees in the estimate. 

Make plans for the cleanup

Demolition is a messy process. There will likely be an assortment of debris that needs to be hauled away. It’s a good idea to rent a bin so that these materials can be properly removed. You can also check with your contractor to see if they offer hauling and disposal services. 


Finally, it’s time to start the demolition process. This is when proper planning and the right preparation really pays off. Keep in mind that your demolition contractor will take the steps above and guide you through the process. Because you ticked all the boxes leading up to demolition, the actual demolition should be easy. All hazardous materials were removed, the correct permits acquired, and your contractor can complete the project on budget.

Start renovating! 

Now that the demolition is complete, your contractors can start the renovation project. Having a clean slate will ensure your renovation runs smoothly and that your goals for the project are achieved. Trust Reno Bros Contracting for renovations made simple!

Demolition Contractors in Vancouver

With Reno Bros Contracting, your demolition process is safe, straightforward, and simple. They are committed to achieving customer satisfaction through their professional and personal service. Using their industry expertise, they will help you through every phase of demolition and renovation. 

Contact Reno Bros Contracting to start planning your demolition and renovation project!

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