How to protect these four important areas on your home’s exterior

Eavestroughs, soffits, fascia, and flashing, all work together to protect your home. But have you stopped to think about what steps to take to protect them? At Modern Renovations in Winnipeg, an exterior renovations company, they understand the importance of protecting your home.

They share the steps you can take to help protect those four essential areas on your home’s exterior:

Eavestroughs: cleaning and gutter guards

Eavestroughs play a key overall role in protecting the structure of your home. They redirect water away from the roof and foundation and help prevent severe water damage. Without them, flooding could happen, and mould, moisture, and rot would quickly develop. However, eavestroughs need regular maintenance and protection of their own. Clogs, leaks, and debris will quickly affect the eavestroughs integrity if not properly maintained and cleaned. Hire a professional to annually inspect and clean the eavestroughs to keep them in working condition. Other protection, such as Alu-Rex gutter guards, is highly effective at keeping debris out and redirecting water away from your home.

Roof, windows, and doors: flashing and finishes

Flashing is a waterproof material that is installed into the seams and joints of a roof. It helps to seal the roof against water leaks and redirects rainwater to the gutters. On the roof, flashing is installed around chimneys, skylights, dormer walls, or anywhere where there might be a seam. These help both secure the roof joints and redirect water away and into the gutters. If you suspect a leak, make sure you know the signs and how to deal with one.

Windows and doors also have flashing and finishes installed for added water protection. The flashing prevents rain from blowing in at an angle and getting into the seams. Finishes, such as cladding, help maintain the integrity of the frame. Without them, weather wear or damage can easily occur and cause costly repairs. To keep your flashing and finishes in top condition, hire a professional to inspect them. If there are signs of wear or damage, take the time to have them professionally repaired or replaced.

Soffits: proper ventilation 

Ventilation is essential in a house overall, but especially so in the attic. Without it, heat will stay trapped and in the summer will push up those cooling bills. In the winter, that same trapped heat will increase moisture, which can cause interior water damage. Melted snow from a poorly insulated and ventilated attic can also lead to the formation of ice dams and cause damage to the roof.

Soffit vents, however, ensure this doesn’t happen. They are installed beneath the soffit and help draw cold, fresh air into the attic. Ridge vents are one of the most cost-effect attic vents, especially when paired with soffit vents. Together, cold air is drawn in, and hot air pushed out, effectively keeping your home safe and cool.

Fascia boards: metal protection

Like flashing, fascia boards act as a trim installed between the roofline and the exterior walls. The main purpose is to prevent any moisture or water from getting into the roof and causing interior water damage. They also play a role aesthetically by giving your home a sleeker appearance. Because fascia boards are exposed to the elements and various weather, you want a durable material to protect them. Wood and metal are the most popular choices, but metal offers superior benefits. If you have wood fascia, had a professional cover them with metal to protect against weather damage. That way, your fascia will have a longer lifespan and never need repainting or risk rotting.

Exterior Renovations in Winnipeg

Modern Renovations prides itself on providing top-quality exterior services and help for your home. They offer a wide range of installations including eavestrough, gutter guard, roofing, all types of siding, and much more. Whatever exterior renovation you need, they are the company to call.

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