How to reduce strain on your AC this summer  

With summer fast approaching, it’s time to tune up that air conditioner and get it ready to provide cooling during those hotter days. You need your AC unit to keep temperatures cool, the air free of humidity, and moisture levels down. Without proper maintenance, all that hard work can cause a lot of strain on the system and risks it breaking down prematurely.

DirectBuy Furnace Ltd. in Vancouver is a professional HVAC company. They share some tips to keep your home cool in the summer without straining your HVAC unit: 

Smart thermostat

If you haven’t already invested in a smart thermostat, now is the time to do so. Not only is it more convenient, but it also helps save costs and stain on your HVAC system. The smart system can be programmed to keep temperatures level no matter any fluctuations. You can also remotely control the system to turn it off while no one is home. Doing so helps keep the AC running at max efficiency, without excess strain from constantly adjusting or running 24/7. 

Keep it clean 

After a long winter of sitting unused, most homeowners add air conditioner cleaning to their spring-cleaning checklist. While that is a great way to prepare the unit, don’t slack off on keeping it clean during the summer. Those warmer months also bring in dust from opens windows which can just as easily clog the system. Dirty air filters make the unit work harder than needed, and that strain can quickly wear it down. Over the summer, make sure to regularly check the filters and change or clean them as needed. You should also keep the area around the outdoor unit clear of items and debris.

Install attic insulation and cooling 

Attics play a big role in home efficiency in heating and cooling and should never be ignored. In the winter, an uninsulated attic will readily let warm air escape and increase monthly heating bills. In the summer, any trapped heat in the attic will lead to the system overworking to beat the heat. To help prevent that, install proper attic vents and insulation to help airflow and reduce any heat buildup.  

Add a dehumidifier

Humidity tends to worsen during the summer and can lead to a range of issues like mould growth or just feeling uncomfortable. It also causes a strain on the HVAC system when trying to keep the home cool. Investing in a dehumidifier will help the problem and improve indoor air quality too.  

HVAC Companies in Vancouver

DirectBuy Furnace proudly provides products and services that guarantee an increase of comfort in your home. With over 10 years of proven customer satisfaction, their professionals are the ones to call. From inspections, maintenance, installations and more, their team can help with any HVAC service. 

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