How to renovate your bathroom for more space

No matter how you approach a bathroom renovation, the end result must work best for you. Bathrooms are, after all, one of the most frequented rooms in a home. So if it begins to feel like you’re running out of room in your bathroom, there are ways to renovate to get the space you need.

Contemporary Bath Kitchen & Design Center in Calgary offers a complete line of residential renovations. Their focus is on creating high-quality renovations with the support of their boutique design team. Together, their contractors and designers can create beautiful renovations that add function and style to your bathroom. In addition, their services and solutions can add space and function if your bathroom floorplan doesn’t currently work for your needs.

Custom millwork and cabinetry

If it’s more storage you need, adding cabinets to a  bathroom renovation might be the solution. An expert bathroom designer can produce cabinetry, millwork, or storage plans that maximize bathroom space. The custom millwork and cabinetry services from Contemporary Bath Kitchen & Design Centre in Calgary can be included in any bathroom renovation. They can create designs that take items off your counters, items off your floors, or off your sinks and save you all the space you need.

Create floor space

A bathroom might not need any more cabinets or storage. But, on the flip side, your bathroom renovation could include the removal of cabinets, large fixtures, or unused areas to create more floor space. Contemporary Bath and Kitchen Design Centre can help you make new space by removing any part of the bathroom. Then, can suggest clever space-saving solutions (like floating shelves) to help store the items you need. Plus, they are experienced with installing a wide variety of bathroom floor materials.

Drywall removal or wall demolition

Creating more space in your bathroom may be as simple as demolishing a wall and expanding it into another space of the home. However, wall removal, or drywall removal, can be tricky work. Some areas of your home, including the bathroom, may have walls in place for support. Hiring professional contractors is especially important in this part of a bathroom renovation. Contemporary Bath offers drywall removal and demolition services in Calgary. They can make expert decisions on how to best make more space in your bathroom. This can also involve the demolition of old cabinets or built-in shelves.

Complete bathroom renovations

A lack of space might show the need to redesign your entire bathroom. And perhaps the only solution for adding more space is to look at the floorplan. Contemporary Bath can begin your complete bathroom renovation with 3D renderings. You can see how your bathroom will offer more space before renovations begin. Afterward, Contemporary Bath can replace plumbing fixtures, backsplash or tile, flooring, cabinets, glass, and lighting. And their renovation experts can complete all the small finishing touches. Those include painting, trim, and other decorative accents.

Bathroom Renovations in Calgary

Saving space is one of many goals you can include in a bathroom renovation. Other goals may include updating the plumbing and fixtures, redecorating, or modernizing your bathroom. Contemporary Bath Kitchen & Design Center in Calgary offers complete bathroom renovation services and will help you reach any renovation goal. Additionally, they provide renovations for kitchens, basements, bedrooms and custom closets, and living spaces.

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