How to repair sunken concrete instead of replacing it

It’s not uncommon over time to notice sagging or sinking in your home’s concrete. While this can be an annoyance, it can lead to bigger issues when not dealt with. The good news is that there are options available to homeowners. Mud jacking can help realign concrete slabs and save you from further damaging issues.

Gunner Liftcrete in Regina shares more about restoring your home’s sunken concrete with mudjacking.

What is mud jacking?

The process of mudjacking (or slab jacking) is a way to lift concrete that may have sunken into the ground over time. This is done by drilling holes through concrete slabs and filling the void beneath the concrete using a specific flowable grout mix. This lifts the concrete back in place.

This process is done very carefully to make sure the lifting is done slowly enough to not cause damage to the concrete. Once the slab has been raised to its original alignment, Gunner Liftcrete takes the extra step in making sure it lasts. Extra grout is added to ensure there are no cavities under the raised concrete so it can hold a heavy vehicle. The grout used in mudjacking is specifically chosen to ensure it gets into all the spaces underneath the concrete. By not leaving any space, raised concrete will be lasting.

Why it’s a good decision

If your driveway or walkway is showing signs of sinking, mudjacking could be a good option for you. Misaligned slabs can be a tripping hazard and unsafe to walk on. It’s also a more cost-effective option than removing and replacing the existing concrete. Keeping the existing slab means that the aesthetic look of the driveway or walkway is maintained. Another point to understand is that mudjacking doesn’t cause pressure against foundation walls. It protects the foundation.

Why you shouldn’t choose foam jacking

Foam concrete raising is a newer way to deal with sunken slabs. It comes with a range of problematic issues, including a high cost and the inability to properly fill cavities and voids. One issue with foam jacking is that it uses hazardous chemicals which can be toxic around your home. In order to clean the foam from your driveway or walkway, solvents are needed whereas mudjacking can be rinsed away with a garden water hose. The environmental implications, support and cavity issues of using foam jacking must be taken into consideration when dealing with sunken slabs or foundations. Learn more foam jacking problems.

Concrete Contracting in Regina

With over 40 years of experience, Gunner Liftcrete has the knowledge and experience to deal with any concrete issues you might have. Gunner LiftCrete has the right experienced labour, equipment, and materials for your concrete lifting, whether it’s the driveway, steps, or foundation. If you need to restore your concrete, you know who to call.

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