How to stay safe around overhead powerlines

There is a potential hazard to your safety whenever there is electricity. Overhead powerlines are no exception. Practicing safe electrical habits around overhead powerlines is important to avoid serious accidents.

Mr. Electric of Edmonton is a team of professional electricians who want you to stay safe around overhead powerlines. Here they offer a few safety tips.

1. Locate powerlines 

The first step in overhead powerline safety is simply to know where the powerlines are. Understanding where the powerlines are can inform your actions and keep you safe. Therefore, identify the nearby powerlines before starting any outdoor home maintenance or yard work. Trees can obscure powerlines, so ensure you look carefully.

2. Proper ladder use

Ladders or other tall pieces of equipment can touch powerlines if carried incorrectly. To prevent accidental contact, carry your ladder or equipment horizontally and never vertically. Furthermore, check for overhead powerlines before raising the ladder. You don’t want to accidentally touch the power line or climb into the powerlines when climbing the ladder. The ladder or equipment should be 10 feet away from the powerlines. Additionally, ensure to use a wooden or fibreglass ladder while outside. Metal conduct electricity, so metal ladders are dangerous.

3. Plant trees away from powerlines

While your new tree plantings are too short to be a hazard now, remember they will grow! Therefore, plant your new trees far enough away from the powerlines that they won’t grow into them. Once the trees have grown into the powerlines, you must call your local utility unit or professional arborist to trim them.

If a tree falls on a powerline during a storm, stay away from it and call the electricity provider’s emergency line for the next steps. Do not attempt to remove or trim these trees yourself.

4. Educate your children

It’s imperative to educate your children on powerline safety. Firstly, children should never climb trees around powerlines. Secondly, never fly kites around powerlines. If the power line (or any other object) gets tangled in a power line, do not attempt to retrieve it. 

Other tips for electrical safety

Electricity is incredibly dangerous. Consequently, you should never attempt any electrical work yourself. It doesn’t matter if it’s trimming your trees that have grown into powerlines or trying to fix a faulty wire at home; always leave all work involving electricity to the professionals. Electricians have the training to perform electrical tasks safely, whereas the average homeowner does not. If you attempt DIY electrical work, you could be electrocuted, seriously injured, or leave your home at risk of a fire.

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