How to stop window condensation in the winter

In the winter, windows in Edmonton homes are subject to condensation build up. The flow of air to the outside of the home is reduced, which increases the level of moisture in the air inside of the house. Condensation on windows can, not only ruin your window-frames and windowsills, but can potentially cause mould from the constant humidity. There are a few simple tactics that can help to reduce the appearance of condensation.

1.) Check the Settings on Your Humidifier

If you use a humidifier in your home, you should check to see how high the settings are. Turn the humidifier down; this will result in less moisture being released into the air.

2.) Invest in a Dehumidifier

There may be certain areas of your home that contains a surplus of moisture. You can eliminate that moisture by placing a dehumidifier in those rooms or areas. This tool takes moist air, and cools it within the machine causing it to condense. The humidity levels in your home should lower, and help to stop the onset of mould and mildew. There are many different dehumidifiers available online and in store.

3.) Replace Your Windows

At times, Edmonton windows are the barriers between harsh temperatures of up to negative forty degrees Celsius. A good window should be able to handle humidity, and drastic change in temperature. If your windows are older, it might be a good time to invest in new ones. For example, a triple-paned window will have a higher chance of keeping condensation from forming. Windows are what allow the heat to stay in, and the cool to stay out (vice versa during opposite seasons). Read more to learn about which types of windows to look for when living in a mixed climate.

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