How to transition with different floor types in your home 


With so many different types and styles of flooring, it can be a bit of a challenge to narrow down your favourites. So, why choose one when you can benefit from a blend? Transitional floor styles are not only beautiful; they add a truly unique design to your home.

Quality Red Tag Floors in Edmonton specialize in providing high-quality flooring. They share some tips when it comes to transitioning between rooms with different types of flooring:

The rule of three does not apply

In many home design elements, using the rule of three is a popular and safe way to design. Lighting, colours, or textures, for example, should all follow this rule. Flooring, though, should not be done in threes. More than two types of flooring create too much chaos, which takes away from that creative design flow. That is especially the case when working with an open floor plan, where design is key. Likewise, even working within the same materials, such as hardwood, still stick to the rule of two. An example of this might be hard floors for the great room, and carpet for the bedrooms or family room.

Pair floor function to the room

As you’re thinking about the best tile to match with your hardwood, make sure it will suit the room. A floor that isn’t moisture resistant in a kitchen, for example, isn’t a great choice since the risk of water damage and spills are higher. Before you choose what material to transition with, first pick what rooms you have in mind. Kitchens and dining rooms will pair well, or a master bedroom with the master bathroom. Once you know the rooms, start to match materials to suit those areas. Also, think of what pairings will look attractive together.

Choose complementary colours

There’s no limit when it comes to blending textures with your floors, but there is when it comes to colours. Instead of creating an attractive design, contrasting floor colours creates a jarring sight. When you choose different colours, find tones that will either match or complement the other. Tile and hardwood, for example, can pair together with shades of earthy browns. For something more striking, a lighter colour will also work with its darker counterpart. A cream carpet, for example, will look stunning against a dark, hardwood floor. Take a look at some online pictures, to get more ideas for beautiful traditional flooring designs.

Don’t forget the colour scheme of the room as well. Your transitional floor will make a great feature, but don’t make it too different from the overall design of the room. If you have pastel walls, dark coloured floors will pair nicely. On the other hand, for darker walls, either choose a light floor or a colour that will match.

Flooring Companies in Edmonton

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