How to use fences to improve landscapes

Fences have many great benefits, from boosting privacy and security, adding visual appeal, and increasing home value. When choosing a new fence, don’t forget to consider the rest of your yard’s layout. The type of space, landscape, and even accessories all play a role in how you design and choose a new fence.

Absolute Landscape Construction in Edmonton is a professional fencing company. They share some tips when it comes to ensuring your new fence matches your landscape and home appeal:

Consider blending materials and designs

Depending on what areas of your yard you are adding a fence and why it will affect the type of materials and design you choose. A privacy fence, for example, is built to be tall and solid, so either made from wood or vinyl. If you add a fence to a landscape portion for extra appeal, a tall, solid fence won’t be the right match. Likewise, a fence you can see through is the safe choice for a fence around a backyard pool. A chain-link fence is a great choice in that case, even if you have other styles around the yard.

Don’t just use fences as barriers

Landscape design tends to work with multiple elements like plant species, layouts, or colours, and your fence should also do so. Don’t see it as the only way to add visual appeal or as a privacy barrier when clever tree placement or hedges can offer the same. To really maximize the value of a fence, make sure it works within your landscape design. That also includes knowing your plants, such as young trees that will spread their roots underground as they grow. Another idea is to combine ideas and let plants grow on the fence for a natural touch.

Know your fence priority

Are you adding a fence for privacy, safety, or just visual enhancement? Is it to keep the dog in the yard? If it’s just to establish a boundary around your property, consider a chain link or picket fence. That way you can still enjoy the greenery and have a nice fence. If safety for children or pets is the focus, choose a taller fence but add decorative elements like latticework or styled posts. There are always ways to accessorize or customize your fence, but make sure you always know why you are installing one in the first place.

Fencing Contractors in Edmonton

Absolute Landscape Construction offers over a decade of experience, professionalism, and long-lasting results. Their professionals pride themselves on creating and handling projects that are memorable and above expectations. They can help with fences, landscaping, lawn maintenance, and much more.

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