Hydronic heating: eco-friendly and energy-efficient

As homes are shifting towards eco-friendly and energy-efficient changes, hydronic heating is becoming ever more relevant. It’s one of the most efficient means of heating your home, making it a change that is guaranteed to be worthwhile.

Butler Plumbing, Heating and Gasfitting in Edmonton is a commercial and residential plumbing and heating company. They share the environmental and home benefits of upgrading to hydronic heating:

How it works

Hydronic heating relies on pipes installed beneath the floor that transport hot water throughout the home. Through convectional or radiant heat, warmth spreads evenly throughout each room. PEX pipes are typical for hydronic systems as they offer the most benefits. The material itself is flexible and resistant to limescale or chlorine buildup. It also doesn’t risk corrosion, so once installed will easily last a lifetime.

Most systems rely on a boiler that heats the water and then pumps it back out. The type of energy used will depend on your home but can be either electricity or gas. The pumps work to continuously provide hot water and heat, and cycle back cold water to reheat. The temperatures are easy to customize specifically to each room to maximize both comfort and savings.

Cost-effective savings

A hydronic system itself offers major savings, such as saving between 10 to 30 percent on monthly energy bills. Since heat is distributed via convection, it lessens the amount of heat lost through the ceilings. That also saves fuel by reducing the amount wasted as a result of heat escaping. Hydronic heating can also pair with other energy-efficient changes to help double its effectiveness. Smart thermostats, for example, will help optimize each room’s temperature and save more money. A newer, efficient boiler can maximize the amount of energy used to heat and transfer the water. When you upgrade to hydronic heating, talk to your contractor to see what other changes will boost overall savings.

Pair with other green changes

Just as you can increase the cost savings of hydronic heating, it’s also easy to boost its eco-friendly benefits. Flooring can affect the efficiency of your hydronic system and how green your home is. Two of the best types of flooring, both environmentally and appearance-wise, are engineered bamboo and hardwood. Bamboo itself is both completely eco-friendly and extremely durable. Its unique appearance is popular in many homes, especially for bedrooms or living rooms. Engineered hardwood is likewise a perfect and popular choice and one that also offers undeniable value.

Besides floors, consider upgrading to a condensing boiler. Traditional boilers that use gas as fuel tend to produce higher amounts of pollution. They also use much more energy when converting heat, making them less efficient. A condensing boiler, however, is one of the most efficient styles. By recovering the heat from water vapour and condensing it again, it can boost overall efficiency to upwards of 95 percent.

Clean and healthy air

Clean air, both indoors and outside, is important. While hydronic heating can help reduce pollution, it also keeps your home’s air clean. Unlike forced air systems, which blow air and often stir up dust, hydronic systems use convection or radiation. That means each room stays free from any dust particles that can affect those with allergies or asthma. It also doesn’t dry out the air or cause excess humidity, which can cause dry coughs or moisture damage. Instead, your home air stays clean and healthy and beneficial for everyone inside.

Hydronic Heating in Edmonton

Butler Plumbing, Heating, and Gasfitting believes in reliable, honest, and quality service. They pride themselves on ensuring their customers are always satisfied and their homes are safe. As a full-service plumbing company, they offer everything from repairs and installations to new systems such as hydronic heating.

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