Hyperion Electrical Industries offers top-of-the-line electrical services in Ottawa

It’s no secret that some contractors are hard to rely on. Some people end up overpaying for services, and others wonder if their project is up to code and safe. Whatever the issues, choosing the right electrical contractor might feel difficult.

Hyperion Electrical Industries in Ottawa has got you covered! They have served over 1000 happy customers and have installed over 30,000 outlets. As a result, they have a reputation to put your mind at ease. Here they share more about who they are.

Experience and passion

Shane Wicks started Hyperion Electrical Institute with his spouse, Emma Wicks. He felt frustrated after he saw too many customers unhappy after the contract was complete. As a result, he used his frustration to deliver a better standard. His Motto? “Yesterday’s work ethic, integrity and loyalty today.”

Shane is a Red Seal Trade, Certified Master Electrician. He brings over 20 years of experience. Additionally, he teaches Electrical Maintenance & Construction and Electrical engineering at Algonquin College. He uses his expertise and passion to surpass client expectations.

Stand-out services   

Beautiful lighting isn’t out of reach. Hyperion Electrical Industries can take any lighting vision and make it a reality. In addition, they offer smart home services. Smart lightbulbs and switches ensure lights are turned off when needed. Smart thermostats learn homeowner routines so you can heat or cool your home more efficiently.

Additionally, Hyperion Electrical Industries installs smart plugs. Once set up, you can program them to do several things. For example, schedule devices to start or stop working when needed.

On top of this, Hyperion creates quality designs in the commercial sector. Have a technical difficulty? A safety concern? They can handle it! Safety and sustainability are at the top of their list.

The Hyperion difference

Hyperion Electrical Industries makes working with them a breeze. They stand behind a four-step process. First is their commitment to billing transparency. This way, you won’t be surprised by any extra fees. Second, clear communication. They will use common terminology to explain every step. Third, professional conduct is at its core, and Hyperion’s team of skilled professionals will respect your property. Last but certainly not least, Hyperion Electrical Industries is dedicated to quality work. They will ensure a finished project that is safe, functional, efficient and visually appealing.

Electricians in Ottawa

Hyperion Electrical Industries’ team has a combined 108 years of experience. Get in touch with them! First, one of their Master Electricians will walk through your space and provide a thorough and comprehensive quote. From there, Hyperion Electrical Institute will complete the project. The result will be a safe, efficient, high-quality installation or repair. A project is done to code on time and on budget.

Reach out to Hyperion Electrical Institute today!

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