Ideas for eco-friendly home upgrades

With a focus turning to sustainable living, more homeowners are choosing eco-friendly renovations. Doing so is a win-win situation. You get a beautiful new upgrade or addition to your home and lessened the impact on the environment.

O’Brien Contracting Ltd. in Vancouver is a professional and green forward-thinking renovations company. They share some ways to incorporate greener alternatives for your home upgrades:

Reclaimed flooring

The great thing about reclaimed flooring is that it’s not only a green option but also cost-effective for the materials. Rather than spending more on conventional hardwood floors, reclaimed and recycled wood from old flooring or buildings will cost less and be totally unique. Most species of wood, from pine, oak, and chestnut, can be reclaimed. They are much less likely to warp or bend over time, and some are even old-growth wood, which offers a much smoother, clean appearance. Reclaimed wood will require more labour to refinish, so factor that it into your budget.

Eco-friendly paints

Painting is another popular renovation project and one that can be just as green to do. Look for low- or no-volatile organic compound (VOC) paint. VOCs are harmful chemicals that are not only bad to breathe but also harmful to the environment. Eco-friendly paints will be low or completely free of VOC chemicals. They are much safer and friendly to use, and you still get the same quality and appearance.

Recycled countertops

You don’t need real marble or granite countertops to give your kitchen a show-stopping feature. Instead, start looking into recycled countertops that transform old products into stunning new surfaces. Popularly options include glass and concrete as recycled surfaces. With recycled glass, the glass fragments in the surface create a colourful and eye-catching countertop. No two glass countertops will look the same, so your design will be one of a kind. If you like the look of wood countertops and don’t mind the upkeep, you can have a countertop made from reclaimed wood. Ask your contractor about your options for countertops made from recycled products.

LED bulbs

Lights help brighten a room, highlight features like art pieces and can make or break good ambiance.  LED lighting is energy-efficient and eco-friendly and uses a fraction of the power a traditional incandescent bulb uses. The bulbs themselves use upwards of 95% of their energy illuminate, with minimal heat generated. Other conventional bulbs can use up to 95% of their energy as heat and only 5% for light.

Major Renovations in Vancouver

Sustainable futures meet sustainable homes when you choose O’Brien Contracting Ltd. for your renovations. They believe in implementing greener solutions by making homes even more efficient than ever. Whether an eco-friendly kitchen or bathroom renovation, a new addition, and more, O’Brien Contracting is ready to help.

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