Importance of a Roof Inspection

After a long winter, it’s a smart idea to make sure you still have a good roof over your head! Inspecting your roof in the spring for any potential damage, or inspecting your roof after any storm, will help prevent water from penetrating your roof, causing expensive damage to other parts of your home.

Here is more information about roof maintenance, inspections and repair:

Roofs can be neglected by homeowners.

We often don’t think about certain components of our home until there is a problem. Your roof is responsible for protecting your home from the elements and though it’s easy to ignore, it still requires maintenance like everything else in your home.

If you’ve been putting off a roof replacement, can you be sure that your deteriorating shingles can stand up to a major summer downpour and thunder storm? Will you be scrambling to get a new roof up this fall before winter comes again? If you haven’t had your roof inspected recently, contact professional roofers and make sure your home is protected.

Roofs can be damaged after the winter, wind or rain storm.

If a major storm has passed, you should inspect your roof to make sure it wasn’t damaged. You could have missing shingles, damaged flashing or even a missing roof vent that can cause some long-term issues if it isn’t addressed right away.

Wind damage could be covered by your home insurance policy, but your company might require you to have the roof repaired immediately to prevent further damage. Review your specific policy as every policy and company is different. You can also check to see if your roof has a manufacturers warranty on the shingles. Some roofing products offer wind coverage.

Signs you need roof repair or a replacement:

– If you have noticed pieces of shingles or even entire shingles blown off into your yard, you need to have your roof inspected and repaired.

– Shingles on the roof are curling, peeling, loose or cracked.

– You have noticed flashing around vents or the chimney is loose or damaged.

– You have water stains or damage on your walls or ceiling where there is no plumbing.

Read these 7 signs you need a new roof.

Get a professional roof inspection:

If you think you might have an issue with your roof, Albatross Roofing in Edmonton can give you peace of mind with a roof inspection. They can go over every aspect of your roofing system and give you detailed documentation on the longevity of your roof and any problems that might need fixing.

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