Importance of a sound fire alarm system

When was the last time you did a test on your fire alarm system? If it’s been a while, or your home or business doesn’t have one, it’s a crucial matter to fix. Fire alarm systems are the earliest way to detect and control a fire in your building and keep occupants safe. 

Skypoint Electric in Coquitlam is a professional electrical company. While commercial and industrial buildings should invest in advanced fire alarm systems, it is something to consider for your home too. Here is the importance of a fire alarm system for your home and having their professional install one:

Speedy response

If the worst does happen and a fire breaks out in your home, the fire alarm system will go off as soon as it senses smoke. When it does, it notifies local firefighters who will quickly come to your home. Depending on the scope of your fire alarm system, it might also initiate a sprinkler system. In the case of commercial fire alarm systems, it would have a detection, response, fire control, monitoring, and an alert phase.  

The importance of such as speedy response is both personal and home-related. The quicker the fire can be put under control, the less costly damage there will be to your home. Personally, as well, the quicker you can get outside and away from the smoke, the safer you are from smoke inhalation or injury. 

Repair an electrical cause

Fires can happen for a number of reasons, but electrical fires are one of them. Exposed wires, water leaks, faulty wiring, poorly installed panels or overloaded circuits can all spark a fire. After a speedy response from your fire alarm, an electrician can come in and handle the repairs. They can upgrade your electrical panel, so the circuits are up to date and support your home’s power needs.

Suppose exposed or faulty wiring is the issue. In that case, they can handle a home rewire to ensure there are no other potential electrical danger areas. Preventative service is equally important, so don’t wait for a fire to happen first. Call your electrician to inspect your home and fix any issues right away.

Location is key

Leaving the fire alarm system to a professional ensures the system itself will work properly and without issue. It also guarantees that the wired-in smoke alarms are installed in the right areas around your home. Aside from obvious locations such as in the kitchen, there should be alarms on every level. Every bedroom, hallway outside a sleeping area, even the furnace room, should all have alarms. A professional will have that experience when it comes to choosing the location of each detector and alarm in your home to maximize safety. 

Your fire alarm system can also be integrated into your home automation system. These systems can monitor smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, sound an alarm, and alert your monitoring company.

Regular inspections

Anytime you have your electrician come in for an electrical inspection or service, check the fire alarm system and detectors as well. Batteries may need to be replaced, or the system checked to make sure it’s still working. Any smoke detectors over ten years old should also be replaced. Your electrician can handle this check, which will lower the risk of any harm in case of a fire.

Electricians in Coquitlam

Skypoint Electric has a mission to provide a safe, professional, and quality electrical service to all customers. They pride themselves on their workmanship, professional relations, and staying up to date on all industry trends. They offer electrical services for home renovations, new construction, fire alarm safety and more. Whatever electrical service you need in your home, their team is ready to help.

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