Importance of professional basement wiring

Whether doing a basement renovation or finishing the space, professionally installed electrical wiring is always necessary. Placing electrical wiring at the top of your to-do list keeps your basement up to code, is efficient, safe, and ensures longevity.

McDonald Electrical Services Corp. in Edmonton is a professional electrical company. They share why basement wiring is so important and how their team can help:

Ensure your basement is up to code

Several steps are involved when finishing a basement and ensuring everything is up to code, including the electrical system. Electrical panels must not be concealed and can’t be located in the bathroom or closet. Additionally, you need a minimum clearance around panels and electrical systems for safety.

Ground fault circuit interrupters are required in bathrooms and laundry rooms, and receptacles are also required in specific areas. Of course, you’ll also need a permit before starting any work. DIY work is risky and invites the chance of missing a critical step, which is why working with a professional electrician is best.

Protect against water damage

Basements are one area of your home that can easily become damaged because of a leak or a burst pipe. Not only does that cause costly repairs, but it can also deteriorate the safety of your electrical system. If you have a finished basement and notice any water leaks, it’s important to call in a professional right away. They can ensure there are no issues or suggest safer locations for your basement wiring.

Optimize wiring layout

Whether renovating or finishing the space, an optimal wiring layout is another must. Sloppy wiring both looks messy but can also cause electrical risks. Loose wires can act as a tripping hazard, while a poorly installed system risks short-circuiting or the wires becoming stripped. In addition, the wiring layout may change depending on how you plan to use the space, whether as a media room or living space. What is best for a home cinema isn’t necessarily the same for a bedroom or second living room. A professional electrician can help you install a suitable layout for your needs and ensure its safety.

Proper lighting is key

Proper lighting is vital regardless of how you plan to use the basement. A dark and unwelcoming basement won’t feel like an enjoyable space to spend time in. As lighting systems are part of installing an electrical system, an electrician can help with the process. Following the rule of three with lighting and having ambient, task, and accent lights will help create an even spread of light. Your electrician can also help choose the right light style, such as recessed in the ceiling, so the space doesn’t feel cramped. 

Electricians in Edmonton

McDonald Electrical Services brings over 17 years of experience, trust, and quality assurance. Their team is fully licensed and insured and offers a five-year warranty on all work. From electrical wiring, installations, repairs and more, they can always help.

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