Importance of professional pre-purchase roof inspection

Buying or upgrading to a new home is a big step, but also an exciting one. Be confident with your decision by investing in pre-purchase inspections. Things like testing for mould or checking the electrical system are important but don’t forget the roof. The last thing you want is to move in and find a leak or hidden damage.

Foothills Roofing Ltd. in Calgary is a professional roofing company. They share more about the importance of having a professional do a pre-purchase roof inspection on your new home:

What’s involved in a roof inspection?

Home inspections and roof inspections are two similar sounding tasks but are still separate from one another. While a home inspection looks at the home’s interior, a roof inspection is an up-close detailed inspection of the roof. A professional will climb up and check for things like the condition of the shingles, drip edges, gutters, and flashing. If repairs are needed, they’ll also let you know how much those repairs will cost and whether the problem needs immediate attention. A home inspector and a roof inspector will probably take a look in your attic too. If they suspect a leak, it’s likely water stains or damage will be visible up there.

Save on unexpected costs

Roof repairs can have a big price tag, while a full roof replacement can cost thousands. If you didn’t budget for that cost on top of buying a new home, it could quickly derail any excitement and budget plans. Having a professional inspect the roof before you make a down payment will catch any immediate or down-the-road repairs. A professional can also give you estimates of how much any repairs will cost, so even that factor won’t be a surprise.

Save on property costs

In addition to saving some money on unexpected repairs, there’s also the chance to save some costs on the overall purchase. If the repair costs are high enough, it may be worth adding those costs to the home negotiations. If you especially like the house you’ve found, it’s a great way to potentially lower the final price a bit to accommodate a roof replacement. A professional inspector will also mean that you don’t unknowingly overpay for the house.

Protect your health

Problems with the roof aren’t just problematic to your home; they can also become a personal health problem. Cracks in the shingles or holes in the roof, for example, risk mould growth. Suppose that goes unnoticed and mould spores in the home lead to health issues like allergic reactions or more severe asthma attacks. Even healthy people will suffer from inhaling mould, so it’s a risk for everyone. Catching a leak or developing mould is an easy matter for a professional inspector, so always hire one before buying.

Roofers in Calgary

Superior service, quality materials, and skilled work are just a few of the principles that Foothills Roofing provides. They always guarantee the highest standards and have many years behind them, proving their worth. Their professionals ensure your roof not only looks good but will last for years without issues or unwanted costs.

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