Importance of Spring Clean-up for Your Lawn

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Properly caring for your lawn in the spring will help it grow lush, green and healthy throughout the summer and fall months.  Not only will a healthier looking lawn boost your curb appeal and your own personal enjoyment of your property, it can also increase the value of your home. Here are some lawn maintenance jobs that will help your lawn succeed this summer:


As lawns age or sustain heavy use, your soil can get compacted. This reduces the pore space in the soil that roots need in order to absorb oxygen, nutrients and water and could result in the deterioration of your lawn. Lawn aeration involves removing small plugs of soil out of the lawn to help air, nutrients and moisture return to lawn. These little plugs are about ½ inch in diameter, creating holes 1-6 inches deep and 2-6 inches apart. Not only will your lawn be able to absorb the things it needs to grow, it will also prevent run off of fertilizer or pesticides and prevent soil erosion.

Lawn De-thatching

Over time, a layer of dead grass roots, stems and other debris builds up on the top layer of your soil. This can prevent water and nutrients from getting below the soil’s surface and stop your grass from growing densely and spreading evenly throughout your yard. It can also block new lawn seed from making good contact with the soil, preventing seed germination.

De-thatching scarifies and rakes up the top layer of your lawn soil using a power rake, exposing the soil surface beneath it. This creates room for water and nutrients to penetrate the soil and room for your new grass to grow, spread and dense up. You should have your lawn de-thatched about every two years, depending on how your grass grows.


Once you’ve aerated and de-thatched your yard, it’s time to spread new seed over your lawn, especially in bare areas. It’s best you do this right away to ensure your new seeds can grow strong. A thick lawn will have stronger roots and will be less likely to experience weed growth throughout the summer. Over-seeding will help cover sparse areas and create a more even and thicker looking lawn.

Fertilizing & Weed Control

Fertilizing and applying herbicides to your lawn will help it grow and prevent the growth of weeds. Be careful, over fertilizing can actually damage or ‘burn’ your lawn and certain herbicides can be quite potent, damaging your lawn if not applied correctly. A professional lawn care company will know which products to use and are experienced in successful application.

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