Important Exterior Home Maintenance Jobs

During the warmer months, it’s important to keep up on those exterior home maintenance jobs so you know your house is in good repair, looking it’s best and prepared to take on any weather the next winter might bring. Mr. Handyman of Burnaby and New Westminster offer quality handyman services to help you with those exterior jobs on your to-do list this season.

The best part about hiring a handyman service, is that you can take care of multiple jobs and projects at once and only have to hire one company to do the job. Mr. Handyman is a one-stop-shop for a wide range of home maintenance and repair and their service technicians are highly skilled craftsmen, so you know they will get the job done right!

Here are some exterior home maintenance projects you should take care of this year:

Maintaining the deck

Pressure washing your deck each spring will reduce wear and tear on the wood by clearing away any mold, moss, algae, insects and other debris.

While you are cleaning off the deck, check the deck boards for any damaged or rotten planks and have them repaired or replaced. You should also inspect the steps and railing system to make sure every board is strong and sturdy.

Depending on the type of deck you have, this year might be the year to stain or paint the deck. Staining your cedar wood deck will protect it while giving it that rich, warm tone. If your wood deck has peeling paint, giving it a fresh coat will ensure it’s protected and that it isn’t diminishing your home’s exterior aesthetics. These are jobs that Mr. Handyman can help you with!

Cleaning out and repairing the gutters

Did you know that your eavestroughs play a critical role in your home’s drainage system? When water from rain comes running down the roof, it needs to be collected in the gutters and brought away from your home via the downspouts. If the gutters are leaking, damaged or have come away from the home, it might cause water to just pour down directly beside your home. If that water pools, there is a chance it can penetrate your home’s foundation, causing moisture or even flooding in the basement. Now that is an expensive repair!

Contact Mr. Handyman to come clean out your gutters so that your home’s drainage system works properly. If you suspect your gutters are damaged, they can help you with that too.

Checking and repairing damaged soffit and fascia

The soffit is the surface located beneath your rafter tails and the fascia is the exposed, horizontal surface you see at the end of the rafters just under your gutters. Not only do they help with curb appeal, soffits have vents in them to help ventilate your attic while keeping pests out if at the same time. If your soffits and fascia are in disrepair, your home might be unprotected. Learn why soffits and fascia are important.

Mr. Handyman offers siding, soffit and fascia repair. If these parts of your home have suffered damage due to aging or constant exposure to moisture, they can come fix and/or replace them for you to get your home’s exterior back into great shape!

Vancouver Handyman

Mr. Handyman of Burnaby and New Westminster are your one-call solution for a wide range of home maintenance and repair needs. Their uniformed technicians are fully insured professionals that always arrive on time, in uniform, and with a marked van with the tools to complete the job right.

Need home repair or maintenance? Contact Mr. Handyman!


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