Important things to consider when building a new home

Building a custom home is a massive undertaking. With the right home builder on your side, you can rest easy knowing all the tasks and details, big and small, are being taken care of. Still, there are many things you need to consider as the home purchaser throughout the process.

Timberstone Builders in Edmonton shares these important things to consider when building a custom home:

Take time creating the design plan.

Everything needs to start with a detailed, well-thought-out design plan. When you work with Timberstone Builders, you’ll have several meetings with a design team that will help create the foundation for this plan. They’ll go over all your needs and wants, make considerations based on your lifestyle and your future plans as well.

Part of the design plan will be determining the purpose of every room in the house. You need to nail down how you want each room to function, then you can start picking out things like floors, counters, appliances, cabinets and wall colour.

Without a good plan, things can get derailed very easily. The plan allows your home builder to determine a budget, because it will show exactly what needs to be done in terms of labour and material purchases. It will also act as a road map for the builder and their team throughout the construction process. In essence, the design plan is perhaps the most important step in the entire home building process.

Your budget needs to have a buffer zone.

Building a new home isn’t cheap, but it is worth the investment. The design plan will help determine how much the house is going to cost. If you tell the builder your budget beforehand, they can create a design that fits in that budget. You must also consider things like building permits, the cost preparing the lot, landscaping, and so on. This is something Timberstone Builders can help you with.

While working with an experienced builder can help things run smoothly, there should always be a little wiggle room in the budget for the unexpected. With any construction project, things can change along the way. Therefore, keep around 10% of your budget saved to take care of those things.

Don’t forget the little details.

When building a home, there are a lot of details! But here are a few things worth considering in the planning stages:

– The placement and number of electrical outlets you want in each room.

– If you want ENERGY STAR certified products throughout the house.

– The number and type of windows in each room.

– Ensuring you have ample storage place included in the design.

– If you plan on adding anything in the future like a home security system, air conditioner or central vacuum. Your builders can pre-wire and pre-install what’s needed behind the walls for this.

– Landscaping.

– And of course, all the finishes you want including wall colours, cabinets, counters, flooring, backsplash, etc.

Custom Home Builders in Edmonton

TimberStone Builders is one of Edmonton and the surrounding area’s top Custom Home Builders. They specialize in “Creating homes for extraordinary living”, from preliminary design to full implementation of the build.

If you want to get started with your new home building project, contact Timberstone Builders!


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