Improve outdoor living with Rolco Screens

Rolco screens are an excellent addition to your covered patio or deck. They can protect your outdoor living space from pesky mosquitos and flies, and create a sheltered area for relaxing, dining, and socializing.

Rolco Shutters in Edmonton offers a range of residential and commercial window and patio door shutters. They also specialize in screens. Here are the benefits of Rolco screens:

Enjoy outdoor living in all weather

You can turn your outdoor space into a protected area with Rolco screens. They’ll offer protection from the wind, rain, and bugs, making them perfect for your patio, deck, garage, or commercial space. The protection of the screens will allow you to extend your outdoor living into the shoulder seasons and enjoy the space no matter what the weather brings.

Improve energy-efficiency

In the hot summer, your screened outdoor space will protect your home from the heat. The screens will absorb the sun’s heat before it reaches the inside of your home. As a result, you won’t have to worry about drawing the curtains to protect your flooring or furniture from the sun’s glare coming through the window. In addition, these screens reduce damage from UV, making your outdoor living space and your home’s interior cool and comfortable.

Boost visual appeal

Rolco screens are stylish and attractive. You can customize your screens to complement the exterior of your home, enjoying how they look and as much as how they function. Your home or business will look fantastic while you reap the benefits of outdoor comfort, fresh air, and improved efficiency.

Easy to use

Rolco screens are easy to use. Bring your screens up or down manually or opt for motorized screens. You can operate your motorized screens with a remote control. Press the button, and in just a few seconds, our outdoor space will be protected and ready for you to enjoy.

Commercial users

If you own a café, restaurant or hotel, your guests will love having a protected outdoor space. For properties near a lake or green space, like a golf course or restaurant, your customers will appreciate being outdoors without being attacked by bugs! Rolco screens allow you to extend your patio season and offer more seating areas for your customers.

Motorized & Retractable Screens in Edmonton

Rolco Shutters is the roll shutters and retractable screens expert in Edmonton! They aim to improve security, temperature and light control, comfort and value for home and business owners. Rolco Shutters has a wide range of roll shutters and retractable screens available, and they look forward to helping you with your next project or upgrade.

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